'Dear White People' Netflix trailer: Adaptation of film coming to Netflix in April

Dear White People is getting a second life come April. The property, which first came to be as an acclaimed film, will make its return as a series on Netflix. The streaming service unveiled the first teaser trailer for the series — along with the show's release date — at a presentation to press in New York City.

The Dear White People film followed an Ivy-esque college campus through a year of racial and political turmoil, primarily seen through the eyes of campus radio host Samantha White (played by Creed's Tessa Thompson). Samantha, who in the film hosted a radio program called "Dear White People," will be making a return in the series, as seen in the teaser.

Overall, the teaser looks to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the film — which should prove interesting as a multi-hour series, considering the movie was just 108 minutes long. Fans of the film will get their chance to find out when Dear White People hits Netflix April 28.

Watch the teaser trailer below.