'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


Welcome back, strategists! Last time on our Fire Emblem Heroes walkthrough, we got our feet wet with Askr's Order of Heroes, met Anna (an ax user we'll unwillingly carry on our backs until we find a better green hero) and liberated Marth and the World of Mystery from the clutches of Embla's Princess Veronica, who makes a lot of questionable fashion choices with some sort of face...chain. If you're just jumping in, you might also want to check out our general tips and tricks guide for getting started.

Additionally, before we dive any further into this guide, consider rerolling your starting heroes. We only suggest considering this because we're rapidly approaching the point in this game where having a five-star hero will go from being a nice perk to being a necessity to cope with the game's (in our opinion egregiously steep) difficulty curve. You can find a list of the "top-tier Heroes" here. We recommend trying to get a five-star Takumi from Fire Emblem: Birthright, who at his current power level can shred just about anything that engages him.

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Once you've got the heroes you want, or if you're ready to jump right into it, scroll down to get started in Chapter 2, the World of Conquest!

What you'll find in this guide:

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 2 part 1 walkthrough: "Conquest Trial"

Enemies: Sword, Ax, Red Magic, Staff

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The easiest way to deal with this map is to send either a blue magic user or a lancer up north to the bridge to occupy Xander. While you do that, bait Camilla (the wyvern rider) into attacking by parking a sword user in the one square on your side of the map she can reach next turn. Remember that you can check an enemy unit's effective attack range by selecting them and seeing what squares on the map are highlighted red.

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To end your first turn, send another blue magic user or archer to the bottom bridge so you can draw out Leo and Elise the Troubadour. If all goes according to plan (and it will, the AI will always attack the nearest character if there's only one in range), Xander, Camilla and Leo will have eaten counterattacks from your characters, and you should be able to clear the three of them out for good on your second turn. Elise can attack, but she's pretty weak, so take her out at your leisure.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 2 part 2 walkthrough: "Lovely Bloom"

Enemies: Ax, Lance, Staff (x2)

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If you've been using a melee-heavy party, this level might give you some trouble. There aren't many places you can hide from Elise and the unnamed troubadour while you take out Effie the knight and Arthur the ax-wielder. Effie is particularly dangerous because she has way more defense than many other enemies you've fought so far. So without magic on your side, there's a good chance none of your characters will be able to make a dent in her.

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The best strategy is to take a turn to sneak up to the edge of the enemies' effective ranges before placing two ranged attackers on the breakable walls directly in front of the opening to the fortress, and then keep them protected with an ax wielder on the left side and a sword user on the right side. This will distract the troubadours into attacking your ranged characters so that you're only ever engaging an enemy one-on-one.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 2 part 3 walkthrough: "Callous Prince"

Enemies: Bow, Red Magic (x2), Blue Magic

The first thing you'll want to do is move an archer or strong physical attacker (archer is preferable) into Niles the archer's effective range so he'll be distracted. Move a lancer or a blue magic user to the lefthand side of the map to engage with the unnamed red magic user. 

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If you have an ax-wielding wyvern rider like Beruka or Camilla and managed to dispatch Niles beforehand, send them through the forest to deal with Odin, the blue magic user. A flyer is useful here because it can freely traverse forest tiles that will slow down infantry. Leo, as a cavalry unit, can't traverse forest tiles as well, so it'd be relatively protected from his red magic.

Finally, make sure you back up whomever attacks Niles since Leo will most likely move to attack them.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 2 part 4 walkthrough: "Bewitching Princess"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax (x2)

Move a lancer or a blue magic user to the square right before the righthand bridge on the bottom, which will draw Selena (the sword user) in range while keeping them safe from the spear-using pegasus rider. Make sure you back them up with a green unit who can step into Selena's square to deal with the rider, though!

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Move your strongest sword or red magic user onto the left bridge to draw the wyvern riders Camilla and Beruka into attacking. Back them up with either an archer (strong against flyers) or another red magic user since wyvern riders tend to have absolutely abysmal resistance (magic defense) stats, and both Camilla and Beruka use axes.

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Camilla probably won't take the bait and attack your sword user on her first turn, but, hopefully, by the time you end your second turn, the odds should be 4 in 1 in your favor.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 2 part 5 walkthrough: "Prince of Conquest"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Lance, Ax

Before starting this fight, do yourself a favor and redo your team composition in the team builder this way, from left to right:

1. Ax user/green magic user/archer

This map is basically an arena, and structuring your team this way will allow you to get your characters into their optimal weapon triangle matchups without doing a whole lot of lateral movement.

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The easiest way to resolve this map is to move an ax user into Peri's (the cavalry rider on the left) attack range, which will cause her to seriously injure herself or outright die to your unit's counterattack. That will also make everyone else begin charging that character, so make sure you bunch up your remaining characters in order to counter the remainder of Xander's forces effectively.

The only outlier is Laslow, the other sword user, who hangs back and buffs his teammates as they charge forward. As long as you let Xander's forces come to you, by the time Laslow decides to hop into the fracas, you should have him at a three-character disadvantage.

Once Laslow is taken care of, you're done with Chapter 2. Congrats! With a few sullen words, Xander slinks off with his tail between his legs, and you're free to move on. Join us next time as we help out a certain young Lord (hint: he's our boy!) in the Word of Binding!

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