In this exclusive clip of 'The Expanse' season two, episode three, Martian Marines prepare for war

The sprawling two-episode premiere of The Expanse season two is likely going to be remembered for Miller's rash decision to shoot the scientist whose knowledge of the deadly protomolecule could've helped prevent interplanetary war — whoops! But the premiere also introduced a new Martian perspective to the show in the form of Bobbie Draper and her squad of Martian Marines. 

In this exclusive clip of season two's third episode, "Static," Draper and her soldiers are gearing up for war after Phoebe Station is destroyed. Tensions continue to flare amongst the group, as Private Travis is provoked by his peers because he is originally from Earth — a recurring taunt.  

"Not today!" Draper shouts. "You hear me, soldier? I will not have you disrespecting a fellow Martian. He's got as much dust in his blood as the rest of us." Draper ends her speech with a mantra eerily reminiscent of a particular Northern house in Game of Thrones: "War is coming." Thanks to Miller's impulsive shooting, that might very well be the case.  

Episode three of The Expanse season two, "Static," premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern. Watch the exclusive clip below: 

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