'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


Previously in our walkthrough of Fire Emblem Heroes, we went to the World of Conquest to lay a most righteous beatdown on brooding pretty boy Xander and the rest of Nohr's royal family. Unsurprisingly, the black-armored horseman opted to continue fighting alongside Heroes' villain, Veronica the Emblian princess, even though his contract to her had been broken.

Now, we're headed into Chapter 3, the World of Binding, to help save Roy and his friends. Hopefully, they'll be a little more appreciative than Xander was. As always, now might be a good time to familiarize yourself with how to get some free orbs in order to make your army as strong as it can be, where your favorite characters stack up in the current meta and how to reroll your less-than-stellar heroes before you get too invested.

All set? Great! Then let's dive right into the World of Binding. 

What you'll find in this guide:

Preview Fire Emblem Heroes walkthroughs

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 3 part 1 walkthrough: "Binding Trial"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Lance, Bow

By now you should have the gist of the opening levels down. The main character from whatever Fire Emblem game the world references tells you they're under the control of Veronica and that they have to oppose you. In this case, it's Roy from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and Super Smash Bros. Melee fame.

Alex Borkowski/Mic

The first thing to do is move a ranged attacker up to take care of the archer. Once that's taken care of, move an ax and spear user to take care of the two cavaliers advancing from the top right. Make sure you don't put your ax user too far out, though, or the two sword users will make quick work of them (especially if you're still using Anna, which, let's face it, you probably are). Once the cavaliers get close, maneuver your ax user back to the bottom of the screen to protect them from eating too many counter attacks.

After you take care of the two cavaliers, Roy goes down pretty quickly.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 3 part 2 walkthrough: "Two Noblewomen"

Enemies: Lance (x2), Green Magic, Staff

Alex Borkowski/Mic

Both Clarine (the staff user) and Cecilia (the green magic user) can hit the same spaces as the lance cavaliers, so expect to take a beating on this level. They won't budge until you move into their threatened squares, however, so move two of your hardiest units onto the north and south bridges and back them up with two ranged units or a healer.

Try to pay attention to the weapon triangle if you can and just grind through it. If it proves really difficult, take a break and grind up a few levels in either the training tower or with shards. We're quickly reaching the point where the game begins to have some balance issues, but we believe in you!

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 3 part 3 walkthrough: "Desert Dragons"

Enemies: Ax, Red Magic (x2), Green Dragon

Alex Borkowski/Mic

A blue magician like Odin – sorry, "Potent Force, Odin," that is – will make your life extremely easy. He's more than capable of blasting both Raigh and Sophia (the red magic users) into the stratosphere while avoiding the ax fighter and Fae (both of whom he's weak to) hiding at the top of the map.

Alex Borkowski/Mic

Fae the Manakete (basically Fire Emblem's version of a weredragon) might seem intimidating since she turns into a dragon to attack you, but she's actually pretty weak. A strong sword user will make pretty quick work of her. A five-star Marth is especially valuable here because his weapon, Falchion, deals bonus damage to all types of dragons. All in all, a walk in the park, er, desert, after that last map.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 3 part 4 walkthrough: "Quirky Family"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax, Bow

Alex Borkowski/Mic

The first thing you should do on this map is move a lancer or blue magic user into Fir's (the sword user) attack range to provoke her into a costly counter attack so you can polish her off next turn. Just make sure you back them up with an ax user or another green attacker so you can deal with Shanna the pegasus rider, who'll be coming down the mountains to engage.

Move a sword user into Bartre's (the ax user) range and hope they draw the archer in as well. As long as you position your characters in such a way to prevent multiple counter attacks, you shouldn't take too many hits.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 3 part 5 walkthrough: "Nobles of Binding"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Red Magic, Staff

Alex Borkowski/Mic

Lilina (the red magic user) should be your top priority in this level because she (like her father and best Lord character from Blazing Blade, Hector) hits like a truck and has really high resistance. So even your blue magic user might not be able to dent her.

Move a strong attacker (preferably a lancer if you have one) into Roy's threatened square to knock him out early, and try to pull Gwendolyn (the spear using knight) into a combat. Until you can engage with her, Gwendolyn will continually pull Lilina around the map with her defensive ability swap, allowing Lilina to vaporize any of your weaker heroes. 

Alex Borkowski/Mic

If Lilina manages to consolidate with Gwen and the troubadour, your best bet is going to be to brute force Gwen with your strongest hero (we advise a 5 star one) so she can't keep protecting Lilina. Once it's just her and the troubadour, though, you're pretty much in the clear.

And with that, you've freed that sweet, sweet boy Roy and his friends from Veronica's control. Next time in Chapter 4, we'll tackle the World of Awakening, with everyone's favorite fashion-backward prince, Chrom!

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