'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 4 walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


Previously in Fire Emblem Heroes, we've fought through the World of Mystery, the World of Conquest and the World of Binding in our quest to help Askr's Order of Heroes stop Embla's Princess Veronica from summoning Heroes from other worlds to do her bidding. Today, we'll be heading into the World of Awakening to fight Chrom, the one-sleeved prince from Fire Emblem Awakening. 

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As usual, before we start you should take a moment to make sure your team is properly leveled up. Spend a little time in the training tower to make sure all your characters are at an effective level for the maps we'll be facing today. It's not the most exciting, but it'll save you from having a character get one-shotted by an inexplicably powerful enemy, and your characters are all going to need to pull their weight if you want to free the World of Awakening. If you're hurting for experience as well, make sure to spend some orbs to upgrade your castle, which boosts the amount of experience you get from battles. 

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You can always check the suggested level for a mission on the selection screen, where it's next to the weapons the enemies will be using. Once you're all prepped, we'll dive right into Chapter 4, part 1!

What you'll find in this guide:

Preview Fire Emblem Heroes walkthroughs

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 4 part 1 walkthrough: "Awakening Trial"

Enemies: Sword, Ax, Staff

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Chrom rushes in and you can use that to your advantage if you're patient. You're on the north bank of a river and there's a small bridge that Chrom, Frederick (the ax cavalier) and Lissa (the staff user) will make a beeline for. If you place three melee characters, as shown in the picture below, you'll not only force Chrom and Frederick to come at you one at a time, you'll also give yourself three attacks to their one (potentially four if you bring a ranged character).

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Additionally, if you take out Lissa, Chrom and Frederick will be without ranged support and healing, making the fight a lot easier. As long as you're patient, you'll breeze through this first round of fights against Chrom and company.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 4 part 2 walkthrough: "Blade and Dancer"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Ax, Bow

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A red magician or dragon-type hero will be invaluable here since the ax knight on the righthand side will (suitably) atomize any melee hero he comes into contact with. The general strategy here is to scoot your team to the left side of the stage. Although it looks like he can't hit you, Lon'qu (the brown-haired swordsman) will move up and Olivia (the pink-haired one) will use her dance ability on him to give him an extra turn. While this could be devastating on a strong character, Lon'qu is quite weak. All he'll succeed in doing is running himself into your characters.

Olivia should fall pretty quickly after that because instead of trying to regroup with the archer and knight, she'll just rush to attack you as well. Once she's taken care of, the real trick to this level is figuring out a way to defeat the knight. If you can't take him out in one or two turns, try to move on the archer first to minimize the amount of sustained damage your team takes.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 4 part 3 walkthrough: "Big Ambush"

Enemies: Sword, Lance (x2), Ax

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Okay, we know being surrounded by four pegasus riders looks really bad, but don't panic. It takes them a full round to even get into attack range, so you've got time to commit your forces. Move a sword user to the right to engage the ax pegasus rider, and an ax user to the left to engage the spear pegasus rider. You won't be able to attack them this turn, but they'll move into range.

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Move a blue attacker into the range of the bottom left pegasus rider. If you've set up your units correctly, he's the only one who will be able to attack first turn. Cordelia (the red-haired woman at the bottom left) will move in to support, allowing you to deal with the top two riders. Once you've dealt with the bottom left sword user, scoot your blue attacker up the left side of the map to draw Cordelia in, then blindside her with a strong ax user once you've finished off the other pegasus riders.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 4 part 4: "Surprising Villager"

Enemies: Lance, Bow, Green Magic, Staff

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Two of your units will start this map in range of the bow cavalier. So shuffle them until only one of your ranged attackers is in his range to make his attack more costly than it would be normally. If you do this he shouldn't actually move, allowing you to sneak a swordsman up the righthand side of the map to provoke Donnel (the boy with the pot on his head) and Robin (the green magic user).

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The closer you bunch your heroes, the greater chance they'll come out on top. Watch out as you move to engage Robin, though, since she'll use the trees near her starting location to blast your troops. Your movement is slowed by the trees, and you won't be able to charge her outright. She's the most dangerous part of this stage, though. So commit a strong resistance unit to taking her out.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 4 part 5: "Prince of Awakening"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Lance, Green Magic

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So let's just get this out of the way, Yes, Fire Emblem Heroes used up its entire wooden bridge budget on this level. However, you can also set yourself up for an easy victory really early on by placing your units well. What you'll want to do is move a lance user to the bridge directly in front of your starting position, and then move a ranged unit into place directly behind it. Then, you'll want to move an ax user onto the bridge to the left of your starting position. (Check out our visual guide below).

Once your units are in position, your first priority is weakening Robin as much as you can on the first turn because she can really put the hurting on your lancer. Chrom and Stahl (the sword cavalier) won't both be able to reach your lancer on the first turn, protecting them from getting ganged up on. Once you've dispatched Robin, your ranged attacker can support against Chrom and Stahl and will make quick work of them since you'll be engaging them 2-on-1.

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You're moving an ax user to the lefthand bridge because Sully, the lance cavalier, will immediately begin to charge towards you. Her AI will force her to attack your nearest character, instead of attempting to circumnavigate. A strong ax user will make mincemeat out of her, leaving you with one less problem to deal with. 

Just keep hammering away at them and they should fall in short order. And with that, you're done with the World of Awakening. Chrom will thank you for freeing him from Veronica's clutches. Next time, we'll head back to the World of Mystery to see what's up with Marth and his friends! Seems like we were just there.

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