Who is Anderson .Paak? After the Grammys the world will know his name.

During the 59th Annual Grammy Awards — which will be held on Feb. 12 — we're likely to see a few familiar faces take home awards: Adele, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber.

But there's someone else viewers should keep their eyes on. Everyone, pay good attention to Anderson .Paak. The artist not only released one of 2016's most critically acclaimed albums, but is also nominated for two Grammys (for best new artist and best urban contemporary album) for the first time ever, and is performing at the show alongside A Tribe Called Quest.

What you need to know about .Paak

Before he takes the stage at the Grammys and possibly wins an award or two, it's important to realize that .Paak isn't exactly a new artist. He's released five albums, and for Malibu — his second record using his birth name — he's finally acknowledged for his work.

.Paak was born to a South Korean mother and an African-American father, and grew up in Oxnard, California. As a kid he played drums for a church band, and, as he grew older, his interests within the music world evolved.

"People didn't always understand a drummer that was leading the band," he told the New York Times. "People wanted to box me in. 'Is he a rapper?' 'Is he an R&B dude?' 'We can make him like this.' No."

Although he went by the name Breezy Lovejoy for awhile, .Paak started using his full name in 2014 when he released the album Venice. But it was his song "Suede," which he collaborated on with producer Knxwledge as part of their duo NxWorries, that brought him real attention.

The song captured the attention of Dr. Dre, and .Paak ended up working with the legend on his album Compton.

"I'm thinking he might just cut it off and walk out the room; he's notorious for that," .Paak told Billboard about first playing "Suede" for Dre. "But he started bobbing his head, then says, 'Play that again.' And he cranked it, bro — I mean, it hurt my ears. After the third time, he was like, 'All right. Let's work.'"

.Paak signed with Dre's label, Aftermath, which brings us to 2016, the year he released Malibu and was featured on several artists' records.

He's contributed vocals to songs from artists like Mac Miller, Domo Genesis, Schoolboy Q, Kaytranada and A Tribe Called Quest.

Given his tremendous year and quick rise to fame it's no wonder he's brought in these nominations and will perform at the ceremony. He'll be a household name soon enough.