'Pokémon Go' Double Candy: How to get the most out of the Valentine's Day event update


How are you going to spend your double candy Valentine's Day bonus in Pokémon Go?

The Valentine's Day event is already in full swing and runs until Wednesday at 2 p.m. Eastern. While is lasts, Pokémon Go players will earn double the normal amount of buddy candy for walking around. To put it another way, Pokémon Go players now only have to walk half as far to earn a piece of candy for their Pokémon buddy. So what's the best way to spend this bonus?

Pokémon Go double candy: Valentine's Day event could boost endgame Pokémon

GamePress has put together an easy reference chart if you want to know how many kilometers of walking are required for a Pokémon buddy to find a piece of candy.

Any Pokémon buddy that requires 5km of walking for a single piece of candy is an obvious candidate for the Valentine's Day buddy bonus. Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite, Lapras and Snorlax are the species that gym battlers likely want to focus on, as these are all endgame Pokémon with 5km walking requirements.

Chansey also requires a 5km walk for one piece of candy and can be turned into an effective endgame Pokémon, so you might also consider making her your Valentine's Day event buddy for a while.

If you won't aren't worried about endgame Pokémon and gym battling, consider what candies you need for evolutions that will fill holes in your Pokédex. Just don't forget to swap in a new buddy Pokémon once you get the candies you need to evolve.

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