How to update 'Pokémon Go': Why you should turn on automatic updates


Wondering how to update Pokémon Go and enjoy the new Valentine's Day event? Here's a suggestion: Turn on automatic updates so you always have the latest version of Pokémon Go.

If you, for whatever reason, manually manage your app updates, Pokémon Go updates have been remarkably stable since the game was released last year. We've been playing the game religiously since launch and can't remember a single, widespread incident of a game patch bringing Pokémon Go to a halt — though there have been a few minor bugs.

How to update Pokémon Go: Niantic has given us no reason not to trust automatic updates ... yet

Niantic is constantly patching in new content and updates to Pokémon Go. Anything other than smooth patch delivery could be bad for the game in the long term. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that Niantic has created very few issues with game functionality following a fresh update.

Keeping a steady flow of new content is tough for the most experienced game developers in the business, and Niantic is doing a fair job of providing Pokémon Go players with new things to do. Halloween, Christmas, New Year's and now Valentine's Day have all played host to fun Pokémon Go  holiday events. The single combat balance update thus far was patched in smoothly. 

So, turn your automatic updates on to make sure you have all the new content and patches to keep the game running smoothly!

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