How long is the 'For Honor' campaign? Expect a satisfying single-player experience


While you fumble with For Honor's multiplayer beta servers and figure out how to dominate the battlefield, you might be wondering what the game offers for those who want a solitary experience. Thankfully, it turns out the game does have a single-player campaign.

In an interview with OnlySP, the For Honor's creative director Jason VandenBerghe spoke about the campaign.

How long is For Honor? A full single-player campaign

In For Honor's campaign, you will play sections as a knight, a viking and a samurai to give you the full breadth of the game's faction system. Here is the story, according to VandenBerghe:

The world of 'For Honor' is never peaceful, but when the warlord Apollyon and her Blackstone Legion launch a new set of attacks, the Vikings clans and the emperor's elite are plunged into a war that threatens the very fabric of civilization. Apollyon's message is clear: Humans are made for war, and she means to return the people to their natural state. In the Knights chapter, you will discover Apollyon's plans from the inside. As the Vikings, you will summon your people out of darkness, and cross the seas to plunder your enemies. And as the Samurai, you will fight to hold your people together and try to stop the dark forces driving the land deeper and deeper into war.

In some missions, you'll have an army on your side, while in others, you'll be a lone wolf. VandenBerghe promises gameplay variety in the single-player portion of the game. He also said the campaign was planned from the beginning and isn't an afterthought.

Perhaps the most interesting answer from the interview pertains to the campaign's length.

The best way I know to answer is this way: if you pick up 'For Honor' only for the campaign, we want you 100% satisfied with your purchase when you finally decide to put down the controller. So that means there's a minimum expectation on number of missions, locations, extended play, etc. And we've got all that. How big will [its] content be? As big as we can make it, man. As big as we can possibly make it.

While it's probably not reasonable to expect dozens of hours of content in For Honor's campaign, it sounds like it will offer at least as much for loners as similarly multiplayer-focused games. Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, for example, had single player campaigns that lasted about five to seven hours. While they weren't especially lengthy, they served as great tutorials for the multiplayer while offering their own unique mechanics and stories.

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