'Fire Emblem Heroes' Poll Results Revealed: 4 new hero variations are on the way


Nintendo recently asked its fans to weigh in on their favorite Fire Emblem characters, promising that the winners of this "Choose Your Legends" poll would eventually make a special appearance in its new mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. And the results are in.

Fire Emblem Heroes poll results

Ike and Lyn took the top spots, but Roy and Lucina are getting special new "Choose Your Legends" variations, too.

Nintendo didn't specify when it would add these new hero variations, saying only that it would update the community on its progress through its official Twitter account.


In all likelihood, you'll have the normal 3% chance to earn these characters through summoning, just as you would with any other five-star heroes. However, it's possible Nintendo will have a special Focus pool for these four heroes to promote them when they're released.

As more information becomes available, Mic will keep you updated.

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