How to Throw in 'For Honor' Open Beta: How to perform the move and why it's important


The For Honor open beta is available now, meaning anyone can download and play a sneak preview of this nuanced action game before its official — and very romantic — Feb. 14 release date.

The central focus of For Honor is its complicated but rewarding combat system. If you want to be a true master, one of the most important moves you'll need to learn is throwing. Here's how to do it.

For Honor Open Beta: How to throw

Throwing in For Honor isn't what you normally think of when you read that word — it's more of a forceful shove. Think of it like throwing someone off balance rather than actually heaving them over your shoulder.

To perform a throw, you'll have to break their guard. First, hold L2, then hit square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. Then, hit that same button again to perform a throw.

For Honor Open Beta: Why is throwing important?

So, why perform this move? Well, if you're near a ledge, you can go 300 on their ass and use it to shove your enemy to their death, like so:

Or, if you're in a crowded area, you can simply use it to pick up your opponent and force the fight to an area where you can isolate them and leave them defenseless. You can also just use throw to catch your opponent off-guard and shove them into a wall for some bonus damage — whatever works for you.

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