How to revive in 'For Honor': Open beta tips and tricks for reviving your teammates


The open beta for the viking/samurai/knight mash-up game For Honor is in full swing, meaning anyone can download and try this delightfully ahistorical fantasy game for free right now.

The nice thing about For Honor is that it's multiplayer, meaning that even if you totally suck you have a whole squad of soldiers who are there to help you out — even if you die. Should you find yourself in the position to revive someone else, though, you should probably know what you're doing.

For Honor Open Beta: How to revive a fallen teammate

If someone on your team dies, you can revive them by walking up to them and holding circle on PS4,  B on Xbox One or E on PC. However, you cannot revive teammates that have been executed. You'll know whether or not you can revive a teammate based on the icon above their sad, floppy corpse.

If there's a cross-shaped icon, you can revive them. If there's a skull icon, that means they're permanently down for the count — and probably headless. There's just no coming back from that.

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