'For Honor' Reputation: How leveling up works in the open beta


If you've been playing the For Honor open beta, you might have noticed that set of numbers beside everyone's name. It's the plain-looking number next to another number inside a fancy-looking wreath shape.

If you've just started playing the For Honor open beta recently, it probably says 1-0 or 2-0 or something like that, right? So what's the deal? Why do some players have a 1-1 or a 1-2? 

It all has to do with their player rank and reputation score. Let's dive in!

For Honor Reputation: How the level-up system works

A player's reputation — the number inside the leafy circle shape — is simply a measure of how many times they've reached the maximum level and "prestiged," which means their level has been reset back down to one.

Upon hitting level 21, your level will actually reset to one and you'll gain a reputation point. Therefore, if you see someone with a reputation of three, that means they've reached level 21 three times. So, basically, the number inside the leafy circle is the important one you should be paying more attention to.

Having your level reset to one won't affect you negatively in any way — it's simply the way For Honor chooses to visually represent your player level.

However, having a higher reputation gives you access to better gear and additional appearance options for your characters. So there's definitely an incentive to continuing to level up.

To view your current reputation level, go to the social menu, then hit profile. Your reputation score sits at the bottom left corner.

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