'Destiny 2' Release Date 2017: Activision has excellent news for 'Destiny' fans


Don't listen to phony rumors about Destiny 2. How little we know about the upcoming sequel to Destiny is awful enough — there's no need to rub bad information into the wound.

The drama behind the development of the first Destiny game, coupled with a fevered fan base that has sunk ungodly numbers of hours into Bungie's massively multiplayer online shooter, has players praying for smooth development on Destiny 2. Rather than looking for things to worry about, fans can now focus on some genuinely good news about the sequel.

Destiny 2 release window affirmed by Activision


Kotaku reported Thursday that Activision confirmed "a full Destiny sequel in 2017" in an earnings call on Feb. 9. Activision is clearly differentiating the upcoming sequel as a full game, as opposed to an expansion for the existing game.

You can look through Activision's fourth quarter 2016 earnings report right here, but we've embedded the important information above. Beyond Destiny 2, it also mentions plans for other popular titles like Call of Duty and Overwatch

"Follow-on content plans" is the other line in the report that should have Destiny fans watching closely. Content has been Destiny's number one problem since the game's release in September 2014. Content-light expansions and a dearth of things to do likely choked off Destiny's early chances at success, but the game has since matured and grown into a full experience.

Activision is surely aware of these concerns as it moves to release Destiny 2 and it's trying to reassure investors that the same issues won't plague the sequel. Game publishers are ultimately answerable more to the shareholders than to the fans, so we can put some faith in this confirmation of a 2017 launch window for Destiny 2. Activision is seeing some success with Destiny. It cannot afford to botch the launch of the sequel.

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