'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Charizard Event: How to get the fan-favorite in your game


Pokémon Go ain't the only one with events. Pokémon Sun and Moon has some good stuff in the works for players too. The latest surprise will come in the form of an event surrounding Charizard. 

Readers of CoroCoro magazine have selected the pseudo-dragon for a digital distribution. Here's what you need to know about this Charizard event coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Charizard event: How it works

CoroCoro/CoroCoro via Serebii

Serebii recently leaked pages from the upcoming March issue of CoroCoro. According to the Japanese magazine, subscribers will be able to download the Charizard into their game using a serial code. The code will be available in the next issue, which is expected on March 15. That's all we know for now, though more information should be available soon.

Currently, there's no word on if the Charizard will arrive with any special moves, abilities or Z-Crystals. First-generation Pokémon, like Mew, have already received special crystals to power their Z-Moves. So Charizard could get the same treatment.

We could also see the Charizard make its way to players holding one of its two mega stones, which allow it to mega-evolve into Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y. Pokémon Sun and Moon has yet to offer up mega stones in an event but it's already confirmed to be on the way.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Charizard event: What you can do instead

Pokémon players unable to access the CoroCoro event still have options when it comes to obtaining Charizard by trading with other Sun and Moon players. Using the Global Trade System, players are able to trade online and even set their preferences for which pocket monsters they'd like to receive. You can also use Wonder Trade to receive random Pokémon while trading online and hope for the best.

While there's no easy way to get the Kanto starters of Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle in Sun and Moon at the moment, this could change. Stay tuned as we bring you more Pokémon event news and updates!

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