Anti-Trump art installation by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner shut down after neo-Nazi invasion


There is a rule on the internet called Godwin's Law that says any internet conversation, if carried on long enough, will eventually devolve into talk of Nazis. Unfortunately, Godwin's Law has now bled into real life.

Following Mic's reporting that an anti-Trump art installation by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner called He Will Not Divide Us has slowly devolved into a 24/7 livestream for neo-Nazis to throw milk-chugging parties, the art installation will finally be shut down.

"The installation had become a flashpoint for violence and was disrupted from its original intent," the Museum of the Moving Image, who hosted the broadcast in New York City, announced on Friday.

Cabrini Greenz/YouTube

The art project was meant as a place for people who felt unnerved by President Trump's election to come together and show solidarity.

But within days of its launch, white supremacists were onsite shouting Nazi slogans into the camera and holding small parties for folks watching at home from online hate havens like 4chan. When LaBeouf personally tried to shove one away, he was arrested.

"While the installation began constructively, it deteriorated markedly after one of the artists was arrested on the site of the installation and ultimately necessitated this action," a statement from the museum read. "Over the course of the installation, there have been dozens of threats of violence and numerous arrests, such that police felt compelled to be stationed outside the installation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "

4chan celebrated the death of HWNDU with a meme dump of all their favorite creations throughout the project.

"Guess that's that then," one 4channer wrote. "Was fun while it lasted."

Feb. 13, 2017: This story has been updated to fully represent all artists who worked on the HWNDU installation.