'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


We're rounding the halfway point of our Fire Emblem Heroes guide, and if you're looking for an excuse to start using some of those shards or the hero feathers Nintendo gifted everyone as part of the launch event, now might be the time. As we inch ever closer towards the end of the game and into the harder levels, having a more solidified team composition can really be a boon. If you're not sure who's worth spending your hero feathers and crests on, we've got a definitive guide to the best heroes here.

Today, we'll be headed back to the World of Mystery to free Tiki the Manakete and a bunch of other B-listers who aren't Marth from Veronica's (presumably evil) clutches. If you're annoyed that we're not treading new ground in this chapter, don't worry! The next redux chapter won't be until Chapter 8. So with that to look forward to, let's head on back and see if we can't liberate some Heroes with two-fisted violence.

What you'll find in this guide:

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 5 part 1 walkthrough: "Return to Mystery"

Enemies: Sword, Shuriken (x2), Staff

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We're back in the World of Mystery, and facing off against the swordsman with the luxurious hair, Navarre. Thankfully, instead of having to sneak a staff user up to him to recruit him like you do in regular Fire Emblem campaigns, you can just smack him around until he cries uncle.

Send a strong fighter to the left-hand side of the mountains to keep Wrys (the bald staff user) occupied, and send a ranged blue attacker up the right side to drop Navarre (the red-garbed swordsman who spoke to you at the beginning of the map) quickly. Keep in mind that Wrys does have the Assault magic spell, which is quite powerful. Make sure the person you send over to the left is taking a few hits on the chin!

Chapter 5 part 1 also introduces us to thief-type characters, who will debuff your teammates after they attack. They're annoying, but not super dangerous for now. That'll change in short order, though.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 5 part 2 walkthrough: "Captive Princess"

Enemies: Sword, Ax, Bow, Staff

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Guess who's back! It's Minerva, the wyvern rider we've fought before. She's got a new ability called Lunge, which allows her to switch places with a unit she attacks. If you're fond of rushing forward (which you really shouldn't be) it can put your units in a bad spot, opening them up to further and more disadvantageous counterattacks.

You'll want to move either a lancer or blue magic user and a sword user up to the right-hand opening with the sword knight to draw him and Minerva away from the breakable wall on the left. Then move a ranged attacker up to the wall to deal with the archer. 

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If you're able to, make sure that you can move a sword user into combat with Minerva as soon as you drop the sword knight, because she'll really wreck a blue magic user or lancer in short order. Stopping Minerva and the knight are the two real roadblocks to progress in this stage. Maria the staff user and the archer won't cause you too many problems.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 5 part 3 walkthrough: "No Way Out"

Enemies: Lance, Ax, Bow (x2)

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Place an ax user on the top bridge to deal with the knight, and move a weaker ranged unit over to the right-hand side of the small island you're on to draw Jeorge the archer away.

Move a strong sword user to the bottom bridge to combat Barst and keep either a healer or ranged attacker in reserve to deal with the archer. Chances are you're going to have the most trouble with the knight at the top. So keeping a strong healer would be a good idea if you're not confident in your ability to take him out.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 5 part 4 walkthrough: "Three Sisters Fly"

Enemies: Sword, Lance (x2), Ax

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There are a lot of forest tiles in this map, so you're best off leaving your mounted units at home. Palla (the sword pegasus rider), Catria and Est (lance pegasus riders) will try to outmaneuver you and gang up on your characters. So don't commit to an attack until you're sure you can get a killing blow and protect your weaker characters. 

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Put your strongest physical unit in the open tile at the bottom of the map near where you start, and line up your other melee units into the trees next to it. This will force the three pegasus knights to disperse in order to attack you, and they can't take many hits. Once you've taken care of them, you can finish off the ax knight who's been lumbering towards you. He shouldn't cause too much trouble, as outnumbered as he is.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 5 part 5 walkthrough: "Divine Dragon Princess"

Enemies: Lance, Ax, Thief, Red Dragon

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It's the end of the chapter, and you're facing off against Minerva (again, ugh) and Tiki the Manakete. To start with, send a ranged attacker to attack the thief, but watch out! He's got Poison Strike 1, which inflicts 4 damage after combat ends. It can't kill you, but it can put you in a really bad spot. Back up your ranged attacker with an ax user to deal with the lance soldier on the right-hand side of the map as well.

By the time you've started doing that, Minerva and Tiki will be advancing on your team from the center of the map. Having a five-star sword hero with either the Falchion weapon (Marth, Chrom or Lucina) or Durandal (Eliwood) will make your life incredibly easy since you'll be strong against both dragons and axes, making dealing with the both of them very easy. If that's not in the cards, reconsolidate your units as they approach to give them the most targets possible.

Once you've beaten Tiki and Minerva, the World of Mystery will be re-released! You're not any closer to finding out what Veronica is planning, but at least the World of Mystery inhabitants are appreciative. Up next is the World of Birthright!

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