Trump-Abe Meeting: This is what visiting heads of state have to endure with Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has only been president for 22 days. But already he's hosted two world leaders, causing some incredibly awkward moments — both for the heads of state themselves and the public forced to watch the meetings unfold.

On Friday, Trump's meeting with Japanese President Shinz? Abe led to three uncomfortable moments.

Trump's meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May last month also had some doozies, including a now infamous photo of Trump grasping May's hand on a walk down the White House colonnade.

Here's a look at what world leaders have had to endure during meetings at the White House with Trump.

Uncomfortable handshakes

Trump critics have made the size of his hands a running joke since the early days of the presidential campaign. And Trump has ensured his hands stay part of the conversation — thank to his handshakes and literal hand-holding with world leaders.

On Friday, an awkward handshake with Abe in the Oval Office went viral. 

In a video of the handshake, Trump looks like he pulls Abe's hand and arm toward him, before gently tapping it. 

And Abe's reaction is priceless.

Abe is not the only world leader to have endured an awkward hand-holding moment with Trump.

May, who visited Trump at the end of January, was photographed walking hand-in-hand with Trump during a meeting at the White House.

May has since made light of the moment, joking about the handshake at a private fundraiser.

"Thank you very much for that wonderful reception," May joked, according to Politico. "I don't think I have received such a big hand since I walked down the colonnade at the White House."


Holding hands is not the only thing world leaders have so far endured during meetings with Trump.

During a joint news conference with Abe on Friday, Trump said he "grabbed" Abe and "hugged him because that's the way we feel."

Trump was commenting on the strong bond he feels with Abe, whom he met with at Trump Tower during the transition period.

It was a meeting that earned Trump criticism since his daughter, Ivanka, joined in on the meeting in a potential conflict of interest.

Not even listening to your remarks

Language barriers have always existed between U.S. presidents and other world leaders. 

In order to rectify that, the White House gives the president an earpiece which feeds a translation of that world leader's remarks.

On Friday, Abe spoke in Japanese, and Trump had an earpiece in order to hear a translation of Abe's speech.

And yet, Trump did not have that earpiece in as Abe spoke — meaning Trump likely didn't listen to or understand a single word Abe said.

That includes a compliment Abe paid Trump about Trump's golf game.

"My scores in golf is not up to the level of Donald," said Abe, who is traveling with Trump to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where the two leaders are expected to play a round of golf together.

Trump did not react to the compliment, however, because he was not listening to the translation of Abe's words.

"Pres. Trump would probably have laughed at this if he was hearing it ..." SiriusXM White House reporter Jared Rizzi tweeted.