Who Won the Debate: Obama Did, But Here are 6 Reasons Why We Should Vote for Romney


On Tuesday night, President Obama acted like he really wants to be reelected. Presumably, convincing doubters in his own party and millions of followers of this was his objective for the evening. After a dismal performance a week ago, Obama came back bare-fisted and did a good job fighting off Governor Romney.

It is difficult for me to understand what Obama’s objective was in the first debate, and why anyone would vote for someone to be their commander-in-chief when he seems to be so ambivalent. Perhaps, I am reading too much into the first debate; but it seems as if there is something amiss with the president. It might be weariness dealing with the problems of the world day after day. (Note: The graying of the president speaks loudly about the pressure he is under.) I hope the man really is serious about taking on another four years in the White House meat grinder as the coming months maybe even more trying than the past few years.

Romney continued to plod along attacking the president’s performance; this is absolutely Obama’s Achilles Heel and the right thing for him to do politically. However, Obama counterpunched this time around instead of acting like Romney’s punching bag.

The bottom line is that Obama won the second round of the debates, and polls, including the absolutely useless CNN poll, which has no scientific basis, has the president ahead by a couple of points. This compares to the slaughter two weeks earlier when Romney won the hearts of 2/3 of the voters in the same meaningless poll. Does the media think Americans are idiots?

The debates and all the analysis about facial expressions, stalking on stage, snide smiles and gotcha lines is a total waste of time. Watching two men act like testosterone-high teenage boys is getting on my nerves. At one point, I thought there might be an arm-wrestling contest or comparisons of various body parts. Relax, I’m referring to their biceps and abs.

Are we trying to put the best thespian, the best orator or the best smile into the White House? Or, are we going to elect the most capable person to lead us? The American voters need to study real facts and real issues as they consider whose lever to pull on Election Day. I have documented six important reasons why the nation should make a change in November that are based mostly on fact and some opinion.

1. The State of the Economy: Unemployment is over 11% when the number of people out of work and those who have stopped seeking employment are included. The president has not put Americans back to work at a rate that offsets the growth in the workforce.

Over 40 million people now need food stamps. The job market is so bad that about 50% of college graduates are unable to find work or positions commensurate with their education. Energy is a primary driver of a stronger economy. Obama has done very little to increase growth in this sector and decrease our nation’s dependence on fossil fuel. In fact, his energy bureaucracy has made bad deals with clean energy companies, made it difficult to build new pipelines and curtailed offshore drilling and drilling in other “sensitive” places. Until we replace fossil fuels with another form of energy, we must continue to drill (baby).

Education is one of the key elements in increasing the ability of young workers to obtain jobs with higher pay. In urban areas, the educational challenges are at least as challenging as the conditions that existed before Obama came into office.

2. Partisanship: The atmosphere in Washington is toxic. The president is most responsible for the bad feelings in Congress and with all those who disagree with him. For this reason, he will not be successful if given another four years. Keep in mind, America has a “fiscal cliff” to deal with before the end of the year. This issue will likely be delayed for a short time in anticipation of a compromise later in 2013. There will be no deal if Obama wins because Republicans do not trust his administration.

3. Class warfare: I have written on numerous occasions that class warfare is essential to Obama’s grand plan to change the fundamental bases of our economy and our society. He has unfairly attributed blame to the affluent for many of America’s problems. The theory behind his strategy is simple, denigrate 1% of the population and gain the support of the other 99%.

It seems like a winning plan except for the fact that the targeted 1% subsidizes a hugely disproportionate number of other Americans. These same people control job-making decisions made at virtually every large company in the country, donate billions to deserving charities to help the unfortunate and their successes are inspirational to many Americans who strive to increase their lot in life.

The affluent have committed no crimes and do not deserve the scorn generated by Obama’s rhetoric. They are not the cheating and greedy czars (of Russia) or aristocracy (of France) at the turn of the 20th century. Obama’s class warfare is based upon political power at the expense of a minority group. It might be one of the most dangerous ideological ploys in our history. Literally, capitalism and exceptionalism are at stake.

4. Broken promises: They include to close Gitmo, minimize partisanship in the nation’s capital, really end the wars in the Middle East, reduce the deficit by half, lower unemployment, increase the reputation of the U.S. abroad, maintain a strong trustworthy relationship with Israel, to name a few. Don’t be fooled again. Most of the aforementioned were part of Obama’s campaign spiel in 2008.

5. Social Security and Medicare: The two greatest threats to long-term economic security in our nation have not even been addressed in Obama’s first term. It is beyond irresponsible that the current benefits of these programs are not being examined with the purpose of alleviating the carnage that will result if they are not reformed in short order. The president has exhibited less than zero courage in dealing with these issues.

6. Leadership: Obama is not a true leader of a democratic state; he is prone to rule in a dictatorial manner. The president would rather govern by fiat, and not be troubled with annoying opposition to his policies. This attitude has been disastrous, as his relationship with the minority worsened from his first day in office (when Obamacare became his signature cause). Our country has been successful during the past 200+ years because opposing leaders compromised and acted in good faith. Obama openly despises anyone who dares to disagree with his policies.

The choice could not be clearer. The only hope this country has to avoid four more years of ineffective government, when it needs efficient government more than ever, is Mitt Romney. He is a leader and a manager with decades of experience, who truly understands the financial problems of our country. We need new leadership now.