Hate Crimes Since the Election: Here's who's been targeted since Trump's win



That's the number of hate incidents ThinkProgress has tracked since Nov. 9, 2016, when Donald Trump was declared president-elect. Of the 261 incidents, 109  — or 42% – "included specific references to Trump, his election or his policies." 

Now, the number does seem notably smaller than Southern Poverty Law Center's 867 reported post-election hate crime incidents. ThinkProgress' tracker only included acts of hate violence toward individuals and communities rather than public and private places — like vandalized mosques or spray-painted churches. The incidents listed in ThinkProgress' database also only included incidents that were backed up with news coverage, police reports or through the publication's own investigation into the incident.

Adam Peck/ThinkProgress

According to the report, New York had the highest amount of hate incidents with 33 since Nov. 9. California followed with 27, Texas with 25 and Florida with 18 incidents. The report also found that 26.8% of the incidents targeted Jewish people, black people with 22.9%, LGBTQ people with 13.7%, Muslim people with 11.8%, Latinx with 10.3% and other with 14.9%. The reported incidents included acts of violence toward Trump supporters and protesters under "other."

It should be noted that while hate violence toward Muslims only accounted for 11.8% of the total incidents, Muslims are significantly the smallest population of all groups listed in the report.

You can find detailed reports of the hate incidents and the interactive database here. ThinkProgress will no longer be tracking hate violence, but ProPublica will be continuing the efforts. You can find their reports here.

Here's a group breakdown of reported hate violence incidents:

Black people


— There were 60 incidents of anti-black hate violence across the country.

— Texas had the highest amount of anti-black hate violence with seven reported incidents. 

Jewish people


— There were 70 incidents of anti-semitic hate violence across the country.

— New York had the highest amount of anti-semitic hate violence with 11 reported incidents. 



— There were 27 incidents of anti-Latinx hate violence across the country.

— California and Texas had the highest amount of anti-Latinx hate violence with five reported incidents each.

LGBTQ people


— There were 36 incidents of anti-LGBTQ hate violence across the country.

— New York and Texas had the highest amount of anti-LGBTQ hate violence with five reported incidents each.



— There were 31 incidents of anti-Muslim violence across the country.

— California had the highest amount of anti-Muslim hate violence with nine reported incidents.



— There were 40 incidents across the country of hate violence against women, immigrants, Trump supporters, anti-Trump protestors and other individuals.

— New York had the highest amount of hate violence with six reported incidents.