Presidential Election 2012: Video Evidence of Romney Trying To Bully His Way Into the White House


Barack Obama and Mitt Romney completed their second of three debates on Tuesday night. Obama reclaimed some lost ground from the first debate, and Romney continued his attack of Obama’s record. Both candidates tossed out plenty of talking points that will do little to help undecided independents make a choice, but will surely arouse their bases hopefully in the key swing states.

Tuesday was also the annual National Boss' Day. Much has been written about the candidates respective leadership styles. Obama has come under criticism for being aloof and arrogant, while some have characterized Romney’s style as being conciliatory and flexible. Romney has a stellar record as a businessman CEO. But if his debate performance is any indication, Romney is a lousy boss and a condescending bully.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said of the Republican nominee, “Romney reminds you of the guy on the airplane who won’t shut off his phone before takeoff.” Joe Scarborough said, “You don’t run over a female moderator. You don’t run over the President of the United States.” Time and time again, throughout the campaign season, from the primaries through to last night’s debate, Romney comes across as dismissive, rude, and just not a very nice guy.

James Lipton, host of Inside the Actors Studio, described Romney’s body language as “bossy.” He went on to say that based on last night’s performance, he suspects that people would find Romney “hard to deal with.” He said that people “would never feel comfortable or sure of yourself” around Romney. He said Romney “rouses anxiety” in others.  Lipton said, “Romney is that boss that tells lame jokes and expects everyone to laugh.” 

Dr. Michael Cunningham of the University of Kentucky, Louisville, said  Romney tends to use “suppressive gestures.”

Chris Ulrich of The Body Language Institute said Romney's mannerisms were "dismissive" and "disrespectful."

There have been countless examples (see clips below) of Romney’s rude, dismissive, bullying behavior. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley. and now the President of the United States have all been subjected to Romney’s rude, condescending tone and bully tactics. Romney has consistently tried to bully his opponents and the moderators in the debates. Romney’s poor manners are not limited to campaign rivals and moderators. There were the “cookiegate” comments in Pennsylvania, and the “who let the dogs out” moment.  Let’s not forget the insult to the United Kingdom as another example of Romney being condescending to a host. With all the anti-bully campaigns going around the world, we have one of the biggest bullies this year campaigning to be the biggest bully in the world.

Now maybe you don’t think this matters, but I suggest that after two years of Republican obstruction, Obama’s inability to strike any meaningful bi-partisan deal over the last four years, and Congress’ two years of partisan intransigence, we don’t need a rude, condescending boss in the White House.



Who Let the Dogs Out?

Rick Perry

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