Grammys 2017: James Corden trolls Donald Trump with fake tweets

James Corden opened the Grammys Sunday night by taking a hit at President Donald Trump, and the host did not let up.

After Katy Perry's performance of her new single "Chained to the Rhythm" with Skip Marley, Corden took to the stage to continue his hosting duties for the evening. He came out to share the news that the Grammys are an interactive show this year, and that it would share live tweets from viewers during the ceremony.

The bit turned into another opportunity for Corden to troll Trump. Negative fake tweets were shown on the screen in a crawl below Corden. "What I'll say is that any negative tweets you see are fake tweets. They are not real tweets. The negative ones are fake tweets. Let's move on," Corden joked.

The fake negative tweets took aim at Corden's hosting duties for the evening. Several fake tweets flooded the screen, with some comparing Corden to a "fat Matt Damon" and another simply stating "I literally hate this guy." There was even a fake tweet from Trump that read:

"Just as I predicted, Corden doing GREAT job as host. Terrific. #Grammys"

The fake tweet came after Corden mentioned Trump in the lyrics of his opening rap.

"Live it all up, because this is the best, and with President Trump, we don't know what comes next."