Rihanna won the 2017 Grammys, and she didn't even need to get out of her seat

Here is a list of everything Rihanna did during Sunday night's Grammys:

She brought a flask.

She got caught with her flask and did not care.

She took a shot out of said flask.

She said hey to her girl Beyoncé.

She FaceTimed a friend.

She decided it was time for another shot.

She danced her heart out.

Rihanna owned every cutaway shot to her. She partied it up and had a blast. You know what Rihanna did not do?

She did not get out of her seat.

Rihanna won the Grammys from the front row. There were plenty of memorable performances onstage, but from her seat, Rihanna turned out one of the best performances of all.