'For Honor' Release Time: How to preload the full game before it officially launches


With For Honor's open beta officially over, players must be itching to get back onto the game's melee-focused online battlefields. The good news is you can do that very soon. Here's exactly when the game is set to release, and what you can do to prepare.

For Honor release time: Everything you need to know

According to PCGamesN, For Honor launches at midnight Eastern on Monday. That means if you're behind Eastern time, you can get a few matches in before bed. If you live on the east coast and you do that anyway, just don't tell your boss.

If you've already pre-ordered the game digitally, you can start to preload For Honor now through your chosen platform's digital storefront so it will be ready to go at midnight. For physical purchases, you'll have to go pick it up at a store tomorrow or wait for your delivery to arrive.

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