'For Honor' Guide: How to use Revenge Mode, revive, execute, throw, parry and more


For Honor's open beta is over and the game has been released. If you had a chance to try the beta you should be prepared to deflect, parry and stab your way to victory. But if you're still not ready to jump into the fray, take these handy guides and run with what you've learned from them so far to make sure you're one of the best players around on day one and beyond.

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• For Honor execution guide

For Honor Execution Guide

First, here's a detailed explanation of how executions work in For Honor. 


It's quite simple: When you reduce an enemy player's health to zero in For Honor, their character will fall to his or her knees in defeat. Once this happens, the game will prompt you to execute with either X or Y (on Xbox One) or Square or Triangle (on PlayStation 4). Pressing one of those buttons will make your character execute the enemy in a flashy show of dominance.

That's all well and good, but there's actually a strategic reason to do this. In For Honor, numbers are a huge deal. Being outnumbered when trying to capture an objective is usually going to result in your death. When you kill an enemy player without an execution, one of their teammates can resurrect them and give them a numbers advantage on an objective. Executions, however, disable resurrection and increase the executed player's respawn time. 

Leaving the enemy team without a player for a few extra seconds can make a big difference. Finally, a video game with executions that are actually tactically sound. What a novel idea.

For Honor Revival Guide

Teammates down for the count? Here's what you'll need to do to revive them

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If someone on your team dies, you can revive them by walking up to them and holding circle on PS4, B on Xbox One or E on PC. However, you cannot revive teammates that have been executed. You'll know whether you can revive a teammate based on the icon above their sad, floppy corpse.

If there's a cross-shaped icon, you can revive them. If there's a skull icon, that means they're permanently down for the count — and probably headless. There's just no coming back from that.

For Honor Revenge Mode Guide

Up your damage and take on the enemy at full force with Revenge Mode. Here's how you can do it. 

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Each time you evade an enemy attack you will fill up your Revenge Mode meter a little more. So make sure you are successfully dodging and blocking attacks if you're interested in making full use of this gauge, which will be an integral part of your arsenal going forward. 

Different combinations of equipped gear will also make a difference as to how quickly your gauge will fill up. So you'll need to experiment with different equipment to see what works best.

For Honor Revenge Mode: How to activate Revenge Mode

You can activate Revenge Mode by pressing Y on Xbox One, triangle on PlayStation 4 and R on PC. Your Revenge Mode gauge must be filled before you can do this. It's best to utilize Revenge Mode if you find yourself attacking multiple enemies at the same time, but you can use it whenever you think you're matched up against some difficult odds.

Revenge Mode will boost up your damage and health. All of your attacks will also be invulnerable to interruption. Not even guard breaks will be able to get through. As you can imagine, Revenge Mode can turn the tides of battle very quickly. So don't wait too long to use it once the gauge is full or it might deplete before you have a chance.

For Honor Throw Guide

Need a quick move to delay an enemy onslaught? The Throw is for you, and here's how to do it. 

Throwing in For Honor isn't what you normally think of when you read that word — it's more of a forceful shove. Think of it like throwing someone off balance rather than actually heaving them over your shoulder.

To perform a throw, you'll have to break their guard. First, hold L2, then hit square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. Then, hit that same button again to perform a throw.

So, why perform this move? Well, if you're near a ledge, you can go 300 on their ass and use it to shove your enemy to their death, like so:

That One Video Gamer/YouTube

Or, if you're in a crowded area, you can simply use it to pick up your opponent and force the fight to an area where you can isolate them and leave them defenseless. You can also just use throw to catch your opponent off-guard and shove them into a wall for some bonus damage — whatever works for you.

For Honor Parry Guide

Brush up on keeping the enemy at bay by learning to parry. Here's how you can perform one. 

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The main mechanic in For Honor's one-on-one melee combat is directional blocking and attacking. While locked on with the left trigger on your console of choice, you can hold the right stick left, right or up to block all incoming attacks from that direction. If you hit the light or heavy attack buttons while holding in a direction, you will attack in that direction. It's simple in the abstract, but in the thick of the action it's hectic and requires complete focus on your part.

Parrying is crucial because a successful parry will briefly render you invincible and open up your opponent to immense damage. Like the rest of the game's combat mechanics, it's straightforward in theory but difficult to consistently pull off. 

Block with the left trigger and the right stick as outlined above, but hit the right trigger just before the enemy's attack connects. If done correctly, the enemy should stagger for a moment, giving you an opportunity to follow up with a combo and ruin their day. 

That's it for now, but stay tuned for even more For Honor guides and other tips coming soon.