'For Honor' Observables: How to spot them in the single-player campaign and what they do


For all the fracas caused by For Honor's hack and slash multiplayer, it's easy to forget that the game has a fully featured single player campaign. Throughout the stories of the Vikings, knights and samurai, you can find collectibles just like in any other game. 

One of the collectible types is Observables, which offer some insight into For Honor's mythology. Here's what you need to know.

For Honor Observables: How to spot them

Family Games/YouTube

Simply put, if you're observant you will see little eye icons around the environment. Pressing L1 or LB while facing one of these will trigger the Observable, which will play a short audio message about whatever you're seeing. It seems like this is a way to add some flavor to the game world.

Activating an Observable will let you know how many you've found and how many are left in the level you're playing. If you're a completionist or an achievement hunter, that's pretty useful.

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