'GTA 5 Online' Valentine's Day Event: Update brings Ocelot Penetrator discount and more


Grand Theft Auto Online is a game about naked avarice, capricious violence and creative ways of saying "I love you." We wouldn't expect anything different from the game's new Valentine's Day event, and Rockstar Games delivered with its latest festive update.

Rockstar announced the Valentine's Day bonuses in GTA Online on Tuesday, Feb 14. The event includes two new maps for the Valentine's Day-themed deathmatch mode, "Till Death Do Us Part," and bonus rewards for other activities relating to spending time with your special someone.

GTA 5 Online Valentine's Day Event: The couple that kills together, stays together.

Till Death Do Us Part was a new multiplayer game mode added for last year's "Be My Valentine" promotion. Up to four teams of two players face off in a deathmatch battle and if one of the two partners dies, the other partner dies as well. If the two players stick close together, however, their health regeneration rates increase. 

This year's Valentine's Day celebration in GTA Online features two new maps for the Till Death Do Us Part mode specifically. GTA$ and Rank Points rewards are doubled for Till Death Do Us Part mode — as well as three other modes — until the Valentine's Day event ends on Monday, Feb. 27th.

GTA 5 Online Valentine's Day Event: Save 25% on the Ocelot Penetrator.

The Ocelot Penetrator, that sweet ride GTA Online players seem to love, is on discount during the Valentine's Day event. You can save 25% when adding this supercar to your collection of high-end vehicles you turn into fiery wrecks on a regular basis.

Additionally, Previous Valentine's Day bonuses have made their return with a similar 25% off, including Be My Valentine clothing selections, the Albany Roosevelt line of cars and the Tommy gun-like Gusenberg Sweeper you can pick up at Ammu-Nation.

Check out the official Rockstar Newswire post on this year's Valentine's Day celebrations for details about the new premium races added for the big spenders as part of the update.

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