20 DC Comics superhero movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix in 2017


The world is generally split into two camps: those who love DC Comics and those who love Marvel. Of course, the two aren't mutually exclusive, but it's rare to find comic book fans who enjoy both equally. While Marvel has unquestionably pumped out some great hits both on the big screen and the small — like Captain America: Civil War and Luke Cage — DC Comics has some of the biggest superhero names of all time, like Batman and Superman. 

DC Comics has a lot of experience crafting superhero movies and TV shows — they've been at it since the 1940s. During that time they've brought a myriad of characters to life, and thankfully, Netflix has been so kind as to house quite a few of them on their streaming service. 

Here's our list of 20 DC Comics superhero movies and TV shows on Netflix right now. 

1. Arrow

As a young boy, Oliver Queen finds himself lost at sea after his father's yacht sinks. Queen's father dies, but the youngster manages to make it to an uncharted island. There he trains for five years before returning to civilization, where he becomes the Green Arrow and hunts down any and all corruption. 

2. The Flash

Barry Allen was just a normal kid, then he was struck by lightning. His accident gave him super speed, but he wasn't the only one affected by that fateful night. Other metahumans were born of the accident at S.T.A.R. labs, and unlike Flash, they are using their powers for evil.

3. Gotham

A young Detective James Gordon lays down the law in a crime ridden Gotham City. In a time set before the birth of Batman, Gordon fights against the corruption spreading throughout this city. If he hopes to succeed, Gordon must defeat not only the criminals, but the many crooked cops within his own department.  

4. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Sometimes, the threat of evil is so great, no one hero is strong enough to prevail; that's when you need a team. Rip Hunter has seen the future, and it doesn't bode well for Earth. In a last-ditch effort to save the world, Hunter assembles a team of heroes and villains to work together to defeat this seemingly unstoppable threat. 

5. Supergirl

When the planet Krypton was destroyed, Superman wasn't the only infant sent into the void of space to be spared. Supergirl also escaped the fate of Krypton, but was caught in the Phantom Zone for years before finally finding her way to Earth. Though Supergirl originally hides her powers, a fateful crisis propels her into action, and she unleashes the full force of her super strength. 

6. V for Vendetta

Only one man can dismantle the fascist dystopian Great Britain: V. Donning a Guy Fawkes mask, V works tirelessly on his plot to destroy the government, but not everything goes according to plan. V often runs into resistance, but thanks to his superior strength and reflexes, he's able to overcome them. With the help of Evey Hammond, V ultimately succeeds in his mission, but his success doesn't come without its consequences.

7. Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered

The Dark Knight might be made out of Legos in this animated production, but he can still take down the baddies with ease. Superman wants Batman to join his team, but the Caped Crusader prefers to work alone. Can the heroes work out their differences to defeat evil?

8. Son of Batman

Batman finds out the only thing more difficult than fighting crime is raising a son, especially when he's violent, unruly and has been under the influence of the dark and dangerous terrorist group the League of Shadows. This might be Batman's hardest mission yet.

9. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Earth's timeline has been tampered with, and only Flash and his friends can restore the balance and return things to how they were. But as they try to figure out exactly what has happened and how to fix it, Aquaman's Atlantis and Wonder Woman's Amazons wage a relentless war against each other. Flash will have to act fast if he hopes to succeed — thankfully, speed is his specialty.

10. Justice League: War

When an alien invasion threatens Earth, only the Justice League stands between them and saving the world as we know it.

11. The Batman

Chronicling the adventures of the Caped Crusader, The Batman also features some of his most well-known sidekicks, like Robin and Batgirl. The heroes face off against the villainous Black Mask, Killer Moth, Clayface, Joker and more.

12. Batman: The Movie

Batman and his friends take on four supervillains who threaten to unleash a deadly weapon capable of dehydrating people. The heroes will have to pull out every move if they hope to defeat the bad guys.

13. Justice League

Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl and Martin Manhunter will have to work together to defeat the forces of evil.

Warner Bros.

14. Justice League Unlimited

Dozens of heroes unite in this continuation of Justice League. 

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15. Young Justice

These heroes may be young, but that doesn't mean they can't fight alongside the grownups. The teen sidekicks in Young Justice want nothing more than to be included in the Justice League, but the adults aren't convinced they're ready. It's not until the little metahumans free a young Superman clone from the clutches of Cadmus that the adults realize the teenage heroes can make a valuable addition to the team.

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16. Superman

The planet Krypton, along with all its inhabitants, are destined to be doomed. Only one child makes it out safely: Kal-El. The infant is sent into space in a tiny capsule pointed toward a distant Earth. There he lands and is adopted by farmers. Kal-El becomes Clark Kent, who later assumes the identity of Superman — an incredibly powerful superhero who fights crime around the world.

17. Superman II

For years, Superman was the only Kryptonian in town. But in Superman II, three villains from the hero's home planet find their way to Earth, where they unleash their might and seize control. Superman is now in love with Lois Lane, who knows his true identity, and he must fight his fellow Kryptonians to save the world, and also his darling.

18. Superman III

Ross Webster wants to control the world's economy, but the Man of Steel is an unstoppable force that stands in his way. With the help of a computer genius, Webster concocts a special tobacco laced with synthetic Kryptonite, using the substance against Superman in an attempt to kill him. But instead of dying, Superman is literally split in two, creating an evil Superman. In Superman III, the Man of Steel faces his fiercest enemy yet: himself. 

19. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

The world is creating nuclear weapons at an alarming pace, but Lex Luther wants even more of the destructive missiles. Superman tries to put a stop to it, and Luther responds by creating Nuclear Man. The Man of Steel is pitted against this radioactive villain and a battle of the supers ensues.

20. Superman Returns

Superman has been gone a long time, and in his absence his beloved Lois Lane has become a mother. She's moved on, or so she claims, but it soon becomes clear she still has feelings for the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Lex Luther is intent on rendering his nemesis powerless once and for all. Superman must travel from the depths of the ocean to the heights of outer space in order to come out alive.

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