America Girl boy doll Logan Everett might just be an American fuckboy, Twitter says


On Tuesday, American Girl introduced Logan Everett, the first-ever boy doll, to its collection. But in a weird way, it was almost like everyone already knew him — or at least someone like him. 

Logan's signature look includes a graphic tee under a plaid button-up with a pair of cuffed, dark-wash jeans. And he hails from Nashville, where he plays the drums alongside his singer-songwriter friend Teddy. 

All things considered, Twitter users agreed: Logan sounds like someone's ex-boyfriend, a mansplainer or — to put it bluntly — a fuckboy.

Twitter users surmised that Logan probably wonders if "u up" in the middle of the night, sends terrible sexts and has questionable taste in music. And, by the looks of it, they're probably right.

Some Twitter users leveled more serious allegations against Logan, making assumptions about his level of white male privilege.

Lest we forget, though — Logan's just a boy. There's still a chance that he'll become a feminist, read up on critical race theory and learn to treat all of his girl doll friends with the respect they deserve.