'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Update: List of new Pokémon and evolutions not shown in the trailer


The Pokémon Go Gen 2 update has finally been announced. Remember the Pokémon introduced back in 2000 with the Gold and Silver games? Niantic is bringing them to the augmented reality app for iPhone and Android.

The official number of new Pokémon to expect in Pokémon Go rings in at more than 80, but the trailer only shows us a handful. If you're wondering about the rest, we've got a few ideas.

Pokémon Go Gen 2 List: What we did see in the update announcement video

While we can't say for sure which new Pokémon will join the game ahead of the official Pokémon Go update, the trailer offers plenty of hints at what to expect. Watch it below and read on for our analysis.

The Pokémon Go Gen 2 trailer features many of the creatures you'd expect in an announcement like this. The Johto starter lineup of Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile appear front and center. We also see some common Pokémon found across the Johto region, like Hoppip, Marill and Hoothoot. Additionally, the trailer shows footage of stronger Pokémon like Donphan, Crobat and Skarmory. 

Pokémon Go Gen 2 List: New evolutions

At the end of the video, you can see Espeon and Umbreon, two new evolutions of Eevee. You can also see Bellossom, a Gen 2 evolution of the Oddish family.

Additionally, you can expect to see the evolutions of new Gen 2 Pokémon in the game pretty soon. For example, Gen 2 starter Chikorita will presumably evolve into Bayleef and then Meganium as part of the update. The full list of expected evolutions, drawn from Bulbapedia, also includes Bayleef, Meganium, Quilava, Typhlosion, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Furret, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Azumarill and Honchkrow.

Some of the Pokémon depicted in the Gen 2 announcement video were already the highest-evolved form of its evolutionary line. In the case of Donphan, we're also likely to see Phanpy included in the game.

We'll know more about which Gen 2 Pokémon will be officially included in the PoGo update when it's actually released. Until then, stay tuned for more details and analysis.

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