Westminster Dog Show: Meet the winner and finalists for best in show

The 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up Tuesday, with the top award for best in show going to Rumor the German shepherd. The newly crowned winner began making her rounds on several TV shows Wednesday morning. 

Every year, thousands of dogs and their breeders travel to New York City in hopes of winning Westminster's championship title or other awards for excellence in showmanship. Take a look a look at the full list of dog finalists that competed for the Westminster Kennel Club's best in show 2017.

Vermilion's Sea Breeze

Adrian, also known as Vermilion's Sea BreezeJulie Jacobson/AP

Adrian, also known as Vermilion's Sea Breeze, was given reserve best in show.


DuffyJulie Jacobson/AP

Duffy, a Norwegian Elkhound and hound group winner, was a finalist for best in show. 


AftinJulie Jacobson/AP

Miniature poodle Aftin competed as a finalist and was the non-sporting group winner. 


ChuckieJulie Jacobson/AP

Chuckie took the competition's toy group award and also looked to impress judges for the best in show championship.


DevlinJulie Jacobson/AP

Devlin, a boxer dog, won the working dog competition. 


TannerJulie Jacobson/AP

Norwich terrier Tanner was the terrier group's top dog and progressed to the best in show championship.