'For Honor' Honorable Kills vs. Dishonorable Kills: What's the difference?


Ubisoft's brutal action game For Honor is easy to jump into but tough to master. Not only is it hard to learn all the different character types and the most effective combos, but For Honor actually categorizes your kills based on the methods you use to defeat your opponents.

Depending on how you perform in battle, your victories over others will be categorized as "honorable" or "dishonorable." It's just one more way For Honor challenges players to master its complicated mechanics.

Here's how honorable kills in For Honor work.

For Honor: What's the difference between honorable kills and dishonorable kills?

In For Honor, an honorable kill is one in which you don't utilize any outside help, according to VG247. So, that means no environmental hazards and no double-teaming. Just you, your opponent and your respective weapons.

Therefore, a dishonorable kill is any kill gained with a tactical advantage over your opponent. That could mean taking advantage of your positioning or environment and throwing them into a wall or a spike pit, or a buddy joining your skirmish and attacking your opponent from behind.

Don't worry about sticking to honorable kills unless you have a mission that specifically requires you to get a certain amount of one or the other. Survival is typically more important than honor, despite what the game's title would have you believe.

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