'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 7 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


It's time for another exciting installment of our Fire Emblem Heroes walkthrough. By now you (hopefully) know the drill. 

Next up, we're going through Chapter 7 in the World of Blazing. Expect to see a few friendly faces if you're familiar with the Fire Emblem series, including Eliwood, the lord who is most notable for disappointing an entire generation of Super Smash Bros fans by not being Roy.

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Even more exciting is that Nintendo recently added four new heroes to the game, including the twin lords Eirika and Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GameBoy Advance. There's also rumblings that Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn's Ike might be appearing in the summoning circle soon. The best way to prepare and get the orbs you'll need to summon some of those rare heroes is by playing the campaign.

Once you've got a full stamina bar and your team is set up to your liking, we can dive right into the World of Blazing.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 7 part 1 walkthrough: "Blazing Trial"

Enemies: Shuriken (x3), Staff

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Three thieves (one of them is the Ostian spy Matthew) and Serra the staff user greet you as you begin this map. Units with ranged counters are going to be invaluable here (archers, magic users and beast-type units) since they can punish the thieves with counterattacks in spite of their ranged attacks. Just watch out for Matthew, who can really put the hurt on even high defense characters with (what else?) Poison Strike 2.

It's annoying for sure, but just keep your units close together to capitalize on the thieves closing the distance, and you'll come through it okay.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 7 part 2 walkthrough: "Two Noblemen"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax, Green Magic

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In this mission, we meet Blazing Blade's best main character, Hector. We also meet Eliwood who's ... Roy's dad. The big danger on this map is actually the green magic user, since they're pretty tough and can really put the hurt on any blue attacker you try to send up to fight Eliwood.

Send a sword and ax user (or really any combination of red and green attackers you please) to the left side of the map. Watch out, though, the lance knight has Pivot, which he'll use to put your sword user in a disadvantageous position if you commit them too soon. It's tough but not impossible to surmount by any means.

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Lure the green magic user up to your front line and dispatch him with an archer if you can. Eliwood will have no choice but to attack your blue attacker and take a nasty counterattack in the process without the green mage supporting him. Make sure you group your characters up so you can get some quick pinch hitting in if one of your characters falls to the green mage, Hector or the lance knight.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 7 part 3 walkthrough: "Baffling Labyrinth"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax, Blue Magic, Green Magic

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Nino (the green mage) is actually a sitting duck because she can't break through the destructible walls she's trapped by. An easy way to even the odds in this map is to charge a ranged attacker forward and blast her before she gets the chance to get rescued by her compatriots.

Send an ax user to the south to deal with the lance knight slowly making his way through the bottom portion of the maze, and try to draw the sword user up north by attacking Nino. 

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You'll want to play the waiting game. Let Raven (ax user) and the blue mage come up to you from the south and trap them at a chokepoint. If it seems like Raven and the sword user are going to head north instead, commit your troops to that position. Although it doesn't seem like it in such cramped quarters, mobility is the key to avoiding getting flanked in this mission.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 7 part 4 walkthrough: "The Guardian"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax, Green Magic

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Lyn and Hawkeye are in this level! Nice! So is Florina, the worst pegasus rider from Blazing Blade! Woo! Now it's a party. 

Hide a strong ranged attacker in the mountains to draw out the green magic user and Florina, and then move a sword user and blue attacker up to the narrow path through the mountains to intercept Hawkeye (ax) and Lyn (sword user).

Withdraw your melee attackers once you see Hawkeye and Lyn start to move up. You'll want them in the corridor and going one by one in order to make sure you're not on the receiving end of a losing weapon triangle matchup.

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Let it be noted that Hawkeye also has a special area of effect ability called "Daylight," but it takes four attacks to charge up even with his Killer Ax. He really shouldn't get four rounds of combat off as long as you're smart about it, but it's still something to keep in mind.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 7 part 5 walkthrough: "Blazing Noblemen"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Lance, Ax, Bow

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It's another "you're surrounded on all sides, deal with it" mission to end this chapter. As with every other mission of this type, keep cool and commit your forces to the types they're strong against (or, at a minimum, the types they're not weak against), and you'll come out all right.

Move a sword or spear user to block Eliwood, but your main goal on turn 1 should be trying to kill Hector. His ability, "Wings of Mercy," will let him warp to any unit that has 40% of its max HP or less left after combat, which means he can very quickly traverse the map and get himself into a good position against your spear user or blue attacker.

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Chances are you'll still have more than enough firepower to outgun him even with his level-warping shenanigans, but it might still cost you a character if you're not careful. Make sure you finish off enemies in order to limit his ability to make use of this.

After that, Eliwood apologizes for attacking you just like everyone else and straight up admits that Roy is better than him. (So even Intelligent Systems and Nintendo knows he's kinda lame). Up next, we're heading back to Awakening to do some weird malarky with time-traveling kids. 

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