Latest Presidential Polls: Abortion is an Issue For Only 17 Percent of Voters

ByMary Neven Brockway

In the neck-and-neck presidential race, every vote counts. Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney could win by a landslide, or by a narrow margin. According to recent polls, voters are choosing their candidate based on issues that are gender-specific.

Recent polls show that the social issue of abortion is among the deciding factors for female voters. But this issue also applies to men, since this is an issue of humanity. Before both genders cast their vote based on the best plan for the economy, perhaps the voter should consider the candidate’s respect for the human person. This is the cause for the economy after all.

Humanity begins at conception. When one male gamete fuses with one female gamete, a new unique set of human DNA forms. Humanity is not something that we “grow into” at a certain week, just as it is something that cannot be lost by a person outside the womb who has one arm instead of two. The two are equally human.

But this is not the place to debate pro-life and pro-abortion arguments. However, this is the place point out that until the voter places value in the human person, including the unborn, he/she cannot properly place value in economics, politics or medicine. That’s having an effect without a cause.

For the first time since Roe vs. Wade, Gallup polls demonstrate that 50% of Americans are pro-life. However, a recent Gallup poll shows that only 17% of voters will decide who to cast their vote for solely based on the abortion issue.

A society that pays more attention to the economy issue than to the people in the womb waiting to be born, is a society that has separated the effect from the cause. There cannot be an economy without people. With all things, there must be a beginning for these lives.

November 6will reflect America’s respect for humanity. This is an issue that is not isolated to a specific gender, and should weigh more heavily into both the male and female voters' decisions.