Trump said drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. We did the math.


During a Thursday afternoon press conference, President Donald Trump  asserted that drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. 

"We’re becoming a drug-infested nation," Trump said. "Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. We’re not gonna let it happen any longer."

Many on Twitter had the same question: 

Are our nation's favorite drugs really less costly than chocolate? 

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in the United States, but weed prices have not dropped lower than candy prices. (Sorry, pot lovers.) 

As Mic previously reported, marijuana prices depend on the drug's legality. Prices probably won't stabilize anytime soon, but we attempted to deduce whether indulging in weed would be cheaper than a candy bar. 

How much is an average candy bar? On average, a full-size Snickers bar sets you back 71 cents

How much is an average joint? That depends on where you're buying and how big the joint is. One study suggests the average weight of a joint is 0.66 grams, but federal officials say it's more like 0.43 grams, the New York Times reported. 

Assuming a joint is just 0.43 grams and the average price of legal weed is roughly $12 per gram, buying a joint might set someone back $5.16. 


Your wallet might not be happy, but you might be better off indulging in a joint over a Snickers — especially if you're diabetic. One study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that diabetics who used marijuana had lowered risk for insulin resistance. Sugar, the main ingredient in Snickers and most candy bars, has been shown to increase a person's risk for diabetes. 

Sugar's addictive qualities have been compared to that of cocaine. Maybe that's what the president meant?