Elizabeth Warren was up late ripping Trump's EPA pick Scott Pruitt to shreds


A state judge in Oklahoma just ruled that President Donald Trump's choice to run the Environmental Protection Agency will have to release more than 2,500 documents showing correspondences between his office and big oil companies — and Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to make sure everyone knows about it.

In a nearly hour-long speech on the Senate floor late Thursday, Warren blasted Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, attacking Republican Senators' plans to quickly confirm him as head of the EPA.

"In a choice between corporate polluters and people who want to breathe air and drink water, Scott Pruitt sides with the corporate polluters," Sen. Warren declared. "He has no business as head of the EPA.”

"Scott Pruitt sides with the corporate polluters. He has no business as head of the EPA.” — Elizabeth Warren

The Massachusetts Senator also made sure to highlight the fact that Pruitt had been declining to comply with public records requests for correspondences between his office and major energy companies. A few hours before her speech, an Oklahoma judge ordered that Pruitt release those records — more than 2,500 documents — by Tuesday. Republicans scheduled his confirmation vote for Friday, four days before the deadline.

"Their plan is to jam this nomination through tomorrow, four days before the emails are slated to become public," Warren said. "Are you kidding me? If those emails show corruption, every senator should have that information before, not after, they vote to put someone in charge of the EPA who may be there for years.”

At the same time that Senate Republicans are moving to quickly confirm Pruitt as head of the EPA, House Republicans are debating a bill that would do away with the agency all together. The bill, introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), is one sentence long, "The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on Dec. 31, 2018."