'The Good Fight' opening credits: The 5 stages of watching the CBS drama's titles

Full disclosure: I have never watched an episode of CBS's The Good Wife, and similarly, not a minute of its new spinoff The Good Fight. But I can appreciate a good opening credits sequence when I see one, and the opening credits for The Good Fight deserve to be dissected by academics for several decades. 

It is, unequivocally, one of the most batshit things I have ever seen. It requires several viewings, and even after those, we may never fully understand what CBS was thinking aside from the fact that slow-motion explosions of well-lit, luxuriant office furniture is extremely satisfying. Perhaps that's all you need. 

Those who have yet to witness The Good Fight opening credits must take note: There are five stages every viewer will go through during their first experience seeing it in full. 


Looking at a bunch of expensive-looking, handsomely lit items while the names of actors from the series flash on the screen isn't much to write home about. You will assume CBS went the humdrum, minimal effort route. 

"Yawn," you say aloud, not yet privy to the explosive truth. CBS


Ugh, how could CBS do this? This is The Good Fight, the spinoff of The Good Wife that's being headlined by Christine Baranski. The Good Fight is going to be streamed on CBS All Access, a flashy new streaming site that could be an industry staple by the turn of the decade. Perhaps you've never watched The Good Wife, but you know The Good Fight deserves more. 

Maybe the viewer needs this liquor to get through these boring opening credits! CBS


Wait, why did that gavel suddenly explode? 

Is Jayne Houdyshell going to be OK?The Good Fight/YouTube


Why is everything suddenly blowing up? When did the music get so damn intense? It's been, like, 30 seconds, but I feel like I've been thrust into a never-ending Michael Bay wet dream that's uncharacteristically posh.  

More to the point: Why is Ridley Scott, director of such films as Alien, The Martian and Blade Runner, an executive producer? Did he propose the exploding?

Is the computer a metaphor for something, Mr. Scott?The Good Fight/YouTube

Pure joy

This is sheer chaotic brilliance. The Good Fight knows exactly what it's doing, even if it's blowing up office furniture in slow motion. This show is confident. I have never seen anything in the Good universe, but I think I'm a fan now. Frankly, any show that allows Baranski to shout "fuck" has its merits. 

From this day forward, I will watch every episode of The Good Fight, and so will you.

Thank you, CBS.CBS

Watch the full credits below.