'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 8 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy


We promised you back in Chapter 5 we'd do another redux in Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem Heroes, and here we are, back in the World of Awakening! It's the penultimate chapter of the game, and we're facing off against Lucina, Robin and everyone else we didn't see the first time we were here in Chapter 4. In spite of the fact that we roundly stomped Chrom the last time we were here, Robin remains suspicious of what exactly we're doing in his world. To be frank, we're a little insulted that Chrom didn't talk about us at all.

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Since we're in the second-to-last chapter of the game, now would be a great time to make sure your heroes are up to snuff and that you're keeping them at the appropriate level (harder than it seems when you have a total powerhouse like Takumi or Ryoma). Finally, don't forget to take advantage of the castle upgrades you can get by spending your orbs, which will help you outpace your enemies in the game's final levels.

Once you're ready, we can dive right into Chapter 8: "Back to Awakening!"

What you'll find in this guide:

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 8 part 1 walkthrough: "Sinister Shadow"

Enemies: Lance, Ax, Red Magic, Blue Magic

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Robin (the blue mage) and Tharja (the red mage) are the real targets here. Move an ax user and blue attacker over to the right to draw out Tharja. Then put a strong ranged attacker up the left-hand wall to draw out Robin.

Robin's special ability gives him bonus damage equal to 50% of his target's defense, so don't engage him with an armored unit while he's got it active. The knight will use Reposition on Tharja after she attacks, so being able to take her out on a counterattack is more than worth it. 

Robin will try to avoid counterattacks by taking potshots at your melee heroes, but as long as you leave him no choice or keep your ranged attackers close, you can pop him pretty easily on your next turn. Once you've taken out Tharja and Robin, it's pretty by-the-numbers to take out the remaining ax cavalier and lance knight.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 8 part 2 walkthrough: "Napping Dragon"

Enemies: Bow, Red Magic, Green Magic, Blue Beast

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Normally, we'd tell you to move Takumi or a similar bow user up to take out Henry (the red magic user) and Nowi (the blue beast-type). However, Henry has a magic called Raudrraven which grants him a damage bonus against colorless foes. So sending an archer against him is going to result in a bad time.

Instead, move a sword user over to the right to get at the green mage and move your colorless attacker to the left in order to get to the bow user. Nowi and Henry will move through the valley of their own accord, so a character with Falchion or Durandal will really take the teeth out of this encounter. They'll be strong against the mage and will get bonus damage against Nowi, essentially stopping them dead in their tracks.

Otherwise, focus on taking Henry out first with a blue attacker so your colorless characters can support them in fighting Nowi without fear of getting pulverized by Raudrraven.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 8 part 3 walkthrough: "Ravishing Battle"

Enemies: Sword, Ax (x2), Bow, Blue Magic

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This level looks flashy, but it's really nothing new. Make the enemy commit to disadvantageous positions and attacks by keeping your team bunched up and supported. The enemy won't move on you until you move into their attack range, so use your turns to get yourself in a good position.

The key to this level is splitting your team. Move two ranged attackers (one of them blue, preferably) to the far left cliff. Then move your remaining two characters to the tile just to the south of the forest tile directly above your starting position. The characters on the left will be in the range of Virion the archer and the pegasus rider, while the lance knight will move into the range of the two characters you have waiting behind the trees. 

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Virion has Night Sky, which grants him +50% damage every few turns, so drawn out combat with him is something to avoid. Additionally, Cherche (the wyvern rider wearing the combination knight's sallet and maid headwear) has a hammer. So don't engage her with an armored character. As always, a bow user with close counter (read: Takumi) is invaluable here.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 8 part 4 walkthrough: "Divine Dragon Returns"

Enemies: Lance, Red Magic, Green Magic, Red Beast

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Use the trees to force the lance user to navigate into your ax user on the left-hand side, but keep another character behind them to act quickly if that red cavalier gets any funny ideas.

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Commit a blue attacker to the right to take out Lucina (the sword user) and Tiki (the red beast) or, as with most other beast-type enemies, use a sword user with Falchion for a similar effect. In either case, both will start charging you, so just weather the assault as best you can. It can be hard to control the battlefield once the initial assault starts because of the mounted units, but as long as your characters are well-leveled you probably won't have too much trouble.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 8 part 5 walkthrough: "Future Princess"

Enemies: Sword, Ax, Shuriken, Blue Magic, Staff

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To start this mission, destroy the two breakable walls in the middle of the arena. Then you'll want to move two characters with ranged counters into the little makeshift bunker you've made for them. Make sure you move your melee characters into backup positions behind them as well!

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Once you've done that, Gaius the thief and Robin will move in to attack you, likely eating some painful counterattacks in the process. Once they're dispatched, Lucina and the ax user will move into their spots and destroy the walls in front of your ranged attackers. This provides you the perfect opportunity to move your melee characters into the spots previously occupied by those walls. Try to focus fire on your targets so the troubadour doesn't get too many opportunities to support Lucina or the ax user and you should be fine.

And with that, you've re-freed the World of Awakening! Next time we'll be taking the fight directly to Embla with two of the hardest battles in the game! Get excited!

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