How to unlink Facebook and Instagram


After Facebook acquired photo-sharing app Instagram in 2012, the company has taken steps to link the two social media platforms. Instagram users can find people to follow using their friends list on Facebook and also create a business profile by connecting to a Facebook page.

But for those looking to unlink their Facebook and Instagram accounts, the steps are simple. According to Facebook, users simply have to go to their Instagram profile, go to the top right and tap on the wheel icon for iOS and the three vertical dots on Android, and select “Linked Accounts.” Then, pick the site’s name — say, Facebook — and select “Unlink.” A window will pop up to ask you if you are sure if you want to unlink your Facebook account — selecting “Yes, I’m sure” will unlink the two and selecting “Cancel” will keep your account linked.

The Share Settings page also lists other platforms that could be linked to your Instagram account including Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Ameba, VKontakte and If a name is highlighted, then it means your Instagram account is linked to the platform.


To link your Instagram account back to Facebook, just go back to the Share Settings page (top right icons and then “Linked Accounts”) and select Facebook. If you’re signed into your Facebook app, then Instagram will quickly link the two. Be sure to select “Facebook” again to customize the ‘Share to” settings — the default setting will share to your timeline.