'Pokemon Go' Legendary Birds Update: Release event comes to life in beautiful concept art

Screenshots from pokemon go legendary birds update

If you enjoyed Albert Choi's concepts for a Gen 2 version of Pokémon Go and for a way to introduce Mewtwo into the game, you'll enjoy what Choi has done with the Legendary Birds. The latest concept art brings the elusive Pokémon into the game in an exciting new way.

Along with Mew and Mewtwo, the Legendary Birds Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos are still missing from the Gen 1 lineup in Pokémon Go. Choi has some exciting ideas on how to rectify that situation.

Pokémon Go Legendary Birds release event: The update should look like this

Albert Choi/Medium

Choi's idea is to make Pokémon Go players capture Pokémon with specific moves. After a player captures 10 of the type of Pokémon they need, one of the Legendary Birds will appear. Players then have 10 minutes to capture the Pokémon before it despawns.

It's a fun idea, but lacking any official notice as to when the Legendary Birds will finally be added to Pokémon Go, fan ideas like Choi's are just as valid as any other suggestions for how Niantic can finally allow players to finish their Gen 1 Pokédex.

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