'Suits' season 6, episode 15 exclusive clip: Harvey gives Mike some good news... sort of

Ever since Suits returned for the back half of season six in January, Harvey has been trying to do one thing: Get Mike admitted to the bar. And while Mike certainly wants to be an attorney, his main motivation since his release from prison has been helping others. In "Admission of Guilt," Mike and Harvey found a way to accomplish both of their goals — or did they?

When Harvey tries to get James Palmer to settle a class-action law suit for $500 million — the exact number needed for Velocity's stock to take a hit — the CEO figures out that Craig Seidel must be involved. This revelation appeared to put an immediate end to Mike's chances at getting a settlement for the miners and gaining admittance to the bar. 

Of course, Harvey is nothing if not persistent. And in the latter moments of the episode, armed with new damning information on Seidel, Harvey blackmails him into pushing Mike's bar application through committee. In episode 15, titled "Quid Pro Quo," Harvey will tell Mike that the battle is over, with just one catch — they need to drop the suit against Velocity.

How will Mike react? Check out this exclusive clip from the episode below:

Season six, episode 15 of Suits, titled "Quid Pro Quo," airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Feb. 22 on USA. 

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