How to throw the ball away in 'Madden 17': Xbox One and PS4 guide, tips and tricks


One of the toughest things to do in Madden 17 is to remember to throw the ball away when no receiver is open and you're under pressure from the opposing team's pass rush. You can do this to avoid a sack and not get penalized for intentional grounding.

Here's how to throw the ball away in Madden 17 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How to throw the ball away in Madden 17: Xbox One guide

On Xbox One you simply press down on the right analog stick. This can be a little tricky to perform and understand.

When we say "press down," we don't mean pull the analog stick down in the same way that you'd run backward. We mean, press it or click it. 

When you're on the dead run, this can be tough, but if you can master it and remained disciplined enough to use this strategy, you can keep your quarterback healthy and stay out of difficult third-and-long situations.

How to throw the ball away in Madden 17: PS4 guide

It pretty much works the same way on PS4 as it does on Xbox One, but Sony's jargon calls the same action pressing the "R3" button. It's unclear why there's different terminology, but that's how you throw the ball away in Madden 17 on both gaming consoles.

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