How long do Oscar winners get to speak?

There are few things as cringeworthy as watching an actor or director get cut off during their acceptance speech at the Oscars. Unfortunately for them, there is a time limit in place when it comes to thanking everyone. 

In 2010, the nominees were given a stern reminder that Oscar speeches are to be kept under 45 seconds. We know most don't abide by this rule, which was previously in place but ignored. Most winners either keep it short and sweet or go over significantly, talking well past the music's onset. 

One of the shortest acceptance speeches ever was from Patty Duke. In 1963, Duke won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her work in The Miracle Worker. She kept it simple with a brief but emotional "thank you."

The longest acceptance speech ever goes to Greer Garson, who spoke for over five minutes. She won the Oscar in 1943 for her performance in Mrs. Miniver and made sure no one ever forgot it. 

More recently, Matthew McConaughey gave the longest acceptance speech from the last 25 years. McConaughey won best actor for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club in 2014 and spoke for just over three minutes.

We're sure this year's batch of potential winners will keep it relatively short but just as memorable. 

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