'Fire Emblem Heroes' Female Robin Update: How to beat the Grand Hero Battle on hard


Fire Emblem Heroes recently received a brand-new update that'll allow you to unlock the female version of Robin if you complete one of its new maps. Additionally, a new focus pool is designed to help you beat Robin should you find yourself up against her in battle.

Here's what you need to know about the update, as well as strategies for beating those new special maps and unlocking female Robin in the new Grand Hero Battle.

Fire Emblem Heroes: New special maps and a new anti-Robin focus pool

Under the special maps section, you'll find two new battles that grant you the female version of Robin as a character on your team. The level 25 normal version grants a two-star female Robin and the level 35 hard version grants a three-star female Robin. It's worth noting that female Robin is a green magic user, whereas the male Robin is a blue magic user.

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If you hop over to the summoning section, you'll also notice a new summoning pool, called "Focus: Battling Robin." These are the characters in the five-star focus category for that pool:

Fir: Sword Student

Tiki: Naga's Voice

Hawkeye: Desert Guardian

Maria: Minerva's Sister

The previous focus pool, "Family Bonds," is still active.

How to beat the Grand Hero Battle on hard and unlock a four-star female Robin

If you've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes for awhile, you probably don't need much help beating the normal level 25 battle to unlock a two-star female Robin, but the hard mode is a bit trickier.

It's a whopping ten levels tougher at level 35, which means you'll need some especially high-level characters to survive getting through that chokepoint without losing any units — losing a single unit in this map means game over.

According to this YouTube video by JohneAwesome, a big part of the strategy is simply to have the right roster of heroes ranked up to level 40 or so.

In the video above, he's using Lyn, Linde, Takumi and Olivia. Even if you don't have an ace roster like that, you can still try out the battle technique he uses, which relies on hanging out in safe zones so that not every single unit will attack at once.

Just inside the choke point, there are two squares that Robin can't reach. By placing units there, you can start to pick off the units near the top of the map without getting yourself into too much trouble. This should allow you to move your third and possibly fourth unit through the choke point to take out everyone else.


Basically, your strategy should be to get as many of your units through that choke point in a single turn so that the damage from the enemy team will be spread out a bit, hopefully helping everyone on your team survive.

Make sure to click "danger zone" at the bottom of the screen so you know when point enemy units will be able to reach you. If you tap on specific units, you'll be able to see their specific reach.

Good luck!

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