'Get Out' movie controversy? Film called 'anti-white' and 'racist' by some viewers

Jordan Peele in a grey sweater and black pants at the 'Get Out' movie premiere

Critics have high praise for Get Out, comedian Jordan Peele's directorial debut. Yet some "rotten tomatoes" are slamming the satirical horror film for its so-called "anti-white" and "racist" portrayal of white characters. The discussion has generated a whopping 11 pages worth of comments from users. While the average audience rating is 4.5 stars out of 12,583 user ratings, there's a very vocal group online that clearly hates the movie.

Here are some of the accusatory comments from users accusing Peele of anti-white sentiments, as well as some of the film's defenders.


"Keith%20," who gave the movie half a star, wrote a three-paragraph comment. Here is an excerpt:

I don't care if this actually an entertaining movie or not I find it atrocious that anyone can support such outright racism. It's blatantly pushing a racist stereotype agenda against white people. But no you can't be racist against white people we're "too privileged" I've heard as an excuse ...

"Paul b" also gave the movie half a star:

100% Anti-white film used as propaganda. White shaming white women to date black guys or they are racist. Standard "it's so tough to be a black person" nonsense. White people are evil bla bla bla...black people are persecuted bla bla bla. This movie was poorly acted and directed. Wooden cast. Its forgettable if it weren't for the disgusting racism involved and a Hollywood narrative. Sadly I wasted my money on this so I can be insulted on this D-level "thriller."

"Kelly W" gave the movie half a star, too:

Maybe it's because I'm white that I didn't like this movie. I really wanted to like it but just couldn't get past the racial stereotypes and social message. If he picked one genre, it would be a good movie but mixing the white people are evil message and a horror movie into one film just killed the experience.

"Knee G," who also gave the movie half a star, put it more succinctly:

Boring plot with an anti-white agenda.

You get the idea.

The defenders

Of course, with 11 pages of comments, there are bound to be commenters who call out other users' "anti-white" and "racist" claims. 

"Pablo S" turned the "snowflakes" derision oft used by conservatives toward the movie's naysayers in his comment:

When I read that the only people who hate this movie are white people who are offended by white stereotypes ... As a welcome to the real world snowflakes. (Bought my tickets for tonight).

"Carl R" pointed out the hypocrisy of token black characters consistently dying in horror movies:

Movie looks great and looks to have a fresh spin on the genre. Years of token black character dying in horror flicks and one flick with a black man as the main character and person we have to root for to survive and of course YT sees it as something that shows how bad they are. Is there a more insecure race on the planet?? NOT ALL WHITES ARE BAD! You're welcome, now all the racist don't have to try to justify it in this movies comments lol

Bringing a explicitly Hispanic perspective to the discussion, "Raul O" wrote:

"White people are bad in everything, why do they always have to be the victim?!?!?" My goodness, calm down. You're acting as if no other race/ethnicity is ever portrayed as the villain. If I complained every time the only Hispanic in the movie was a drug dealer, gang member, or the help, I'd lose my breathe. Some of you need to stop trying to play the victim card when you know it isn't the same. You're not the victim. You're not being oppressed. You're not underrepresented. STOP. 

Even a backhanded compliment from "Sean M," who gave the movie five stars, proves that someone with a conservative mindset can find value in the film:

I thought this was gonna be a race baiting piece of liberal shit but it actually was a very satirical horror movie that was a joy to watch with tension and humor in the right places.

Here's the trailer to give you a better sense of the film's premise and mood: