While Trump delivered his latest speech, people in the audience waved Russian flags

Unwitting audience members at the Conservative Political Action Conference waved Russian flags emblazoned with President Donald Trump's name as Trump delivered a speech Friday before the gathering of conservative activists.

CPAC staffers moved quickly to gather up the flags, but not before reporters in the audience snapped photos and posted them to social media. 

The flags appeared to be passed out by a protester, who shouted "you're fascist" as he was removed from the ballroom, according to a reporter in the audience.

Trump — who has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin — is facing multiple reports that staffers on his presidential campaign had contact with Russian spies during the election.

He is also facing backlash over his now-former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who was forced to resign after he misled about conversations he had with a Russian diplomat about U.S.-imposed sanctions over Russia's alleged meddling in the presidential election.

Democrats are demanding a congressional investigation into Trump and his administration's Russian ties.