'Oxford Dictionaries' accepts "yas," "squad goals" and others into its vaunted pages


Everybody say "yas!" The English language is evolving — or disintegrating, depending on how you look at it. But instead of sipping the "haterade," why not join Oxford Dictionaries' "lovefest" for its latest additions. Promise it'll be "funtastic" — not "craptastic."

Those are just five of the new words and phrases inducted into Oxford Dictionaries Thursday. The tome is powered by the University of Oxford — makers of the famous Oxford English Dictionary — and "focuses on current language," as distinct from its older sibling which focuses on the etymologies of our language. Consider it lexicographer "#SquadGoals."

As part of its grand announcement, Oxford Dictionaries used Twitter to boast how "on fleek" it's becoming — and make you question your own fleek-ness. 

Interpersonal relations at the Oxford offices seemed to have heated up recently with "meet-cute" and "dirty talk" making the grade. Blame it on that "drunk text."

President Donald Trump — and the divisive election season — had a notable influence on the additions, including "clicktivism," "herd mentality" and "otherize."

"We are getting a convergence of high-level politics and online language in quite a new way," Angus Stevenson, Oxford Dictionaries' head of content development, told the Guardian. "We had all the words around Brexit in the last update and we are now starting to see all the words around Trump coming into the dictionary."

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

The new words run the gamut, with a little something for everyone, like the "cat lady" who hopes her next "Friendsgiving" isn't a "sausage fest." 

Okay, that one was a bit of a stretch. But, more seriously, Stevenson says going forward we can expect to see increasing influence from Trump, the loquacious and sometimes nonsensical gift that keeps on giving. 

"We have lots to add all the time," Stevenson said. "We don't have 'fake news' or 'alternative fact' this time, because they have just started gaining currency, but I am sure they will be in the next update."