Who Won the Presidential Debate 2012: Obama in a Photo Finish


After the first two debates, one can't help but wonder what might we be seeing on Monday night. Will it be a replay of the first debate when the incumbent seemed lazy and detached as the challenger brought the thunder, no matter how farfetched his promises? Or will we see the aggressive president constantly putting Romney on his heels as in the second debate? 

Many are speculating that Romney can go all in and make a million promises that he won't have to keep because he will always be able to come back later and say, "Look, things are different. I have to make the best decision for our national security." Sound familiar? It should. Then president-elect Barack Obama stated in December 2008 that he would keep his campaign promise to have all combat units out of Iraq within 16 months, or May 2010. The last combat troops, however, didn't leave until December 2011.

The incumbent, Democrats maintain, can fall back on the fact that he did end the war in Iraq, even if it took longer than he expected. He can also point to the removal of Ghaddaffi from Libya and the killing of Bin Laden as proof that he is not only capable, but willing to make foreign policy decisions and get things done as commander-in-chief.

One thing is for certain. We are likely to see a lot of finger pointing. Who should you believe? Gary Johnson.

Final Presidential Debate:

Topic: Foreign policy

The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate and will focus on foreign policy.

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Both men gave solid closing statements that lacked real substance. Romney made it clear that his strength was the economy and that Americans can vote for his economy and not lose on foreign policy. While I feel like Obama won the debate, Romney made a strong statement at the end, and that could change the election. My closing thoughts in a bit.

10:25 pm: The president just had his own fact checked moment. Governor Romney did in fact say that he would offer government gurantees to post bankruptcy auto companies.The president just set himself up for 3 weeks of payback.

10:21 pm: Obama hammers Romney on investments in outsourced companies while at Bain. He then states that U.S. exports to China have doubled since 2008. It is true that 2010 was a record year for U.S. China trade. All told, American exports to China have increased 468% since 2000.

10:19 pm: There is Romney with his day one promise to declare China as a currency manipulator. Romney responds to a potential trade war by saying that we don't have as much to lose as China does by his provocation of a trade war. 

10:04 pm: Romney says end of 2014 for all troops out of Afghanistan. Expands to say imply that he would "nudge" Pakistan to a government that is approved by the U.S. Obama hasn't stated his timeline.

9:59 pm: Romney hardlined against the hypothetical Israel war question. Obama again pointing out that Romney is supporting diplomatic efforts with Iran. The president just nailed Romney on his previous stance that he wouldn't move heaven and Earth to get one man. #BinLaden

9:51 pm: Obama is going hard on making sure everyone hear's that Romney agrees with him more often than not.

9:45 pm: Fact check part deux - Romney claims he didn't raise taxes while balancing Mass. budgets. The truth? He raised corporate taxes considerably, and signed into law several increases for other items like marriage and gun licenses.PLUS - the year before he took office, the legislature passed a law raising taxes on Massachusetts citizens. So, HE didn't raise taxes.

9:40 pm:  Even GOP cheerleaders at townhall.com have to wonder what's going on with Romney's foreign policy.

9:39 pm: Governor Romney, how are you going to pay for your defense increase? Bob, I'm gonna do all kinds of great stuff with the budget. Come to my website and see for yourself.

9:29 pm: bin Laden trending on Google and #Libya on Twitter worldwide. Suddenly this debate has gone strictly to economic policy

9:26 pm: For the third time tonight Romney has agreed with the president's policies regarding another country - this time Egypt. And just like that ROmney has decided to answer the foreign policy question with a domestic economy answer.

9:23 pm: Fact check: Romney says he didn't say it was a mistake to pull all troops out of Iraq and that he didn't say he would have left 30,000 troops. WRONG!

9:10 pm: Romney says that Russia is our biggest geo-political foe.I schtink he had too mucsh Vawdka.


9:09 pm: Romney says Obama Administration is doing a good job against Al-Qaeda and Libya is making progress.

8:36 pm: In case you missed the last debate, The Gregory Brothers put their autotune skills to the test and summed it up for you with this video.

8:23 pm: Breaking news - CBS News in Arizona has declared Barack Obama the winner of the election with 43% of the popular vote. Now of course the station says that this was a test graphic in preparation for the election night coverage.But it does beg the question - Where did the other 17% go?

Watch the video:



7:48 pm: The Prez is on his way to the debate now

7:35 pm: Currently trending on Twitter? #Game7, #admitmitt, and #cantafford4more

Tough decisions tonight folks! 


6:57 pm: Marco Roopsio?