Jon Stewart delivers some timely breakup advice to the media on Donald Trump


Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart has appeared on The Late Show so often, it's worth wondering whether he actually lives under Stephen Colbert's desk. (He says there's a tunnel from his farm to the desk, so maybe that's not a joke!) Not that people are going to complain whenever Stewart makes a cameo — each time, he throws some new jabs at President Donald Trump that has us yearning for his Daily Show glory days. 

This time, however, Stewart had an important message for the group Trump describes as "the enemy of the American people": the media. Stewart says the media just needs to get over its breakup with Trump and instead focus on, well, their jobs.

"Hey, media," he said. "So I heard Donald Trump broke up with you. It stings a little, doesn't it? You finally thought you met your match: a blabbermouth who's as thin-skinned and narcissistic as you are. Well now it's over. Well, good riddance, I say. Kick him to the curb! It is time for you to get your groove back, media."

Stewart then explained why Trump is never going to change his ways, despite previous assurances that we were being treated to "Election Donald" before. Plus, referencing press secretary Sean Spicer's controversial decision to ban certain publications from a White House press gaggle on Feb. 24, Stewart said the mainstream media will have to get used to this administration currying favor to the likes of Breitbart, who, um, apparently do "anal"?

Still, Stewart ends on a hopeful — if not, shady — note. 

"Here's my point, media," he concluded. "Here's my point. This breakup with Donald Trump has given you, the media, an amazing opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. Instead of worrying about whether Trump is un-American or if he thinks you're the enemy or if he's being mean to you or if he's going to let you go back into the briefings, do something for yourself. Self-improvement, take up a hobby. I recommend journalism." 

Watch Stewart's appearance on Monday's episode of The Late Show below: 

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