Young Justin Trudeau joins young Joe Biden as the internet's favorite political bae


Once every few years, like a comet, the world is gifted with a politician who, although they spend their days haggling over legislation and trying to make the world a better place now, was, perhaps more notably, once very, very attractive, many years ago.

Disturbingly so. 

Young Joe Biden is really the best example for this. 

Young Barack Obama isn't at all bad either.

Same goes for young Tim Kaine. 

But perhaps the most stunning and, well, exciting addition to this special echelon of human beings is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Yeah, he may be considered cute and all now, but just look at this:

And this: 

And this: 

Dreamy, eh?

Would you text young Justin Trudeau with a "U up?" at 1:37 a.m.? 

Because we would. 

If young Justin Trudeau invited us to bowling on, like, a Sunday morning at 7 a.m., we would go. 

No, wait. 

We would run. 

If young Justin Trudeau asked us to help him move into his sixth floor walkup apartment, we, would agree.

If young Justin Trudeau asked us to brunch and mentioned that the brunch didn't even serve mimosas, we would go, although grudgingly.

It is an absolute honor to now welcome young Justin Trudeau into the You Were Once Very Attractive Politician Society. Joe, Barack, Tim, say hi.

We welcome him with open arms, and an open heart.